Big Data Journey- A Changing World

70% of Corporate Big Data Strategies Are Outdated - Is Yours?

Imagine suddenly finding yourself in a place where the ground is constantly shifting, where nothing stays the same. There are constant threats – or opportunities – moving at dizzying speeds.

That place is Big Data, the constantly changing new world of business. Your big data capabilities might have been adequate last year – possibly even for 2014. But are you ready for tomorrow? Are you sure?

It’s widely known than in the year 2020, there will be 50 times more data created than in 2011. But that’s just one small facet of how Big Data is changing. And the market leaders of tomorrow, are the businesses with most effective, nimble strategies for Big Data today.

Big Data Journey in 3 Steps: Assess. Plan. Act.

Big Data is not a single event that “happened”. Whatever your company did last year or the year before, did not solve this problem forevermore.

Rather, Big Data is – and will be – an ongoing evolution or journey.

In the Big Data journey, there are 3 steps: assess, plan, and act. Wherever you are in the journey, whatever business area you’re in, you’ll find the resources here to keep moving forward, to keep evolving, and ensure your business is the pioneer, rather than playing catch up.