Business Outcome Led, Technology Enabled

High-Impact Business Results Through Analytics

We Believe...

Analytics and data unleash the potential of great companies.

Analytics and data have become the number one asset in organizations that are driving differentiated value. When companies view their data as such, they have the ability to transform their organization.

Whether your company is working to reduce the time for clinical trial for new drugs, improve yield for farmers by improving knowledge of soil conditions, improving power efficiency while lowering carbon emissions, or improving communications between people, there is unlimited potential to what data and analytics can unleash.

How we do it

We empower companies to achieve high-impact business outcomes through analytics at scale on an agile data foundation.

The focus is on consistently harnessing data to improve different processes like customer experience, product innovation, financial transformation, risk mitigation, supply chain intelligence and asset management. It’s all about helping organizations get the utmost value from data and analytics by:

  • Applying multiple analytic techniques to drive deeper insight through multi-genre analytics;
  • Intelligently integrating data through an agile data foundation;
  • Viewing and working with data at scale—across all observations, interactions and transactions.

Providing Business Analytics Solutions

We carefully assess what business problems need to be solved, and then we leverage our analytical architecture expertise and hybrid cloud products, as needed, to help solve each unique customer problem.

What we do, we do differently

We enable high-impact business outcomes. Our success is rooted in our proven capabilities that span technology, people, and methodologies, and bolstered with real-world experience and countless customer successes. We leverage our proven capabilities in helping drive customer success across multiple industries.

The difference is in our approach. Teradata provides core capabilities in three areas: business, architecture, and cloud:

  • Business outcome-minded analytic Business Analytics Solutions help you leverage data and analytics to solve challenges such as fraud, churn, and customer acquisition.
  • Analytical Architecture Consulting brings unmatched consulting around data and analytics strategies, roadmaps and technology architecture design and implementation, and ongoing managed services.
  • Best-of-breed Hybrid Cloud Products including the leading database and open source solutions.