Architecture Challenges: Solved

Analytical Architecture Expertise

Architecture Expertise for Optimized Analytical Ecosystems

Analytic architectural issues arise out of the breadth and complexity of available technology options. From open-source alternatives—or the latest appliance or application—to total architectural anarchy with silos of technology working autonomously around the organization, many business users are simply overwhelmed.


Enterprise or open-source? It’s an age old question. How does an integrated or standalone technology solution choice affect your business outcome? And how do you measure the total cost of ownership versus business results? The greatest challenge organizations face is ensuring their technology choices and business strategies stay aligned.


Best-in-class Architecture Expertise to help companies build an optimized analytical ecosystem independent of technology, leveraging both open source and commercial solutions.

What We Do

  • Data and Analytics Strategy and Roadmaps
  • Design and Implementation Consulting Services for Analytics
  • Analytics Ecosystem Architecture expertise
  • Managed Data and Analytics Services

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