Technical Internships

Interns at Teradata gain practical work experience, introduction to the company culture and work environment and the opportunity to network with other Teradata interns, associates and management. Students take on challenging and rewarding assignments related to their field of study and become campus ambassadors for Teradata, helping to grow relationships with campuses and other potential candidates.

Program: Teradata Labs Intern Program, an integral part of Teradata's recruitment strategy, offers the following benefits:
• Competitive compensation
• Mentoring program
• Professional development and learning sessions
• Community service opportunities
• Networking with students from other schools
• Social events and activities
• Formal presentation/farewell event with Teradata Leaders

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Eligibility: Teradata accepts undergraduate and graduate students majoring in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or related technical disciplines. Students must maintain at least a 3.0 GPA or above.

Process: Internship recruitment begins during the Fall of the academic school year with career fairs and campus events. Intern offers are extended by December for any fall interviews and remaining offers are extended by March for any spring interviews.

Locations: Teradata Labs offers formal internships in some of the largest metro areas in the US:
• San Diego, CA
• Los Angeles, CA
• San Francisco Bay Area, CA
• Austin, TX
• Boston, MA

Intern Opportunities: Internships are commonly available in the following job areas:
• Software development
• Computer engineering
• Technical product support

Teradata also offers a limited amount of internships in the following organizations:

Information Technology Software Engineering (Dayton, OH)
Marketing Applications Software Engineering and User Interface Design (Indianapolis, IN and Raleigh, NC)
Operational Support – Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting/Finance, etc. (Various locations)

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