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Teradata's Portfolio for Hadoop: Simplifying Powerful Big Data Analytics for Today’s Enterprise

Successfully leveraging Hadoop is critical to many organizations’ cost-effective big data analytics initiatives. For this reason, Teradata has simplified Hadoop for the modern enterprise architecture. The Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop provides customers with the industry’s most advanced and flexible Hadoop product platforms as well as best-in-class services, training and customer support. Because Teradata has the finest in big data analytics technology we are strategically positioned to provide the most comprehensive single-source for Hadoop software, implementation assistance, customization and hardware.

Why Teradata’s Hadoop Solutions & Services are the Industry’s Best.

Teradata, as a Hadoop resource, is unmatched for ease-of-implementation, time-to-value and advanced analytics.  

  • Fastest time-to-value.  By offering valuable pre-configured hardware, software and services, Teradata accelerates time to Hadoop production.
  • Deepest Hadoop integration options. By expanding the support of the Teradata ecosystem to Hadoop, specifically in the areas of data access, data movement manageability, supportability and serviceability – Teradata allows for the deepest Hadoop integration available.
  • Single-vendor, enterprise-ready Hadoop with enhanced Hadoop-focused professional services, including assessing, architecting and broad management of Hadoop projects. Teradata extends the most enterprise-ready portfolio of Hadoop tools with advanced professional services. 

The Products within the Teradata Portfolio for Hadoop.

Delivered Ready to Run the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop
Performance hurdles, ease-of-use, security and reliability issues – are solved by the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop when compared to solutions that are not preconfigured. The Teradata appliance is delivered ready-to-run and optimized for enterprise-class big data storage and discovery.  Learn more about the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop.

A Powerful SQL Engine for Hadoop and Beyond: Open Source Presto
Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine designed for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes.  Through a single query, Presto allows you to access data where it lives, including in Apache Hive™, Apache Cassandra™, relational databases or even proprietary data stores.  Presto was created by Facebook for the analytics needs of extremely large data-driven organizations. Learn more about Presto or get a free Presto download now.

Hadoop Professional Services
A full suite of professional services to help enterprises optimize Hadoop environments, Teradata’s Hadoop Services include operational mentoring, maintenance, support and, importantly, coverage for Cloudera, Hortonworks and MapR. Teradata Hadoop Services represent the largest geographic reach and deepest level of service of any such network of consultants. Learn more about Teradata Hadoop Services.

Related Teradata Products & Services

Work with a Seamless Analytics Data Fabric across All Your Data
Organizations get the most value out of all of their data by engaging all of their specialized processing engines. Teradata QueryGrid creates a cohesive analytics ecosystem out of all data platforms. Learn more about Teradata QueryGrid.

Leverage Data from All Parts of Your Analytics Ecosystem Including Hadoop
Give business analysts on-the-fly access to all the data in your Hadoop cluster and otherwise with a portfolio of tools designed to give any user easy, secure access to data stored everywhere. The Teradata Unified Data Architecture™ (UDA) integrates data from all parts of your organization to create a cohesive analytics ecosystem. The Teradata UDA brings together Teradata, Teradata Aster, and Hadoop, as well as Teradata QueryGrid and Teradata Connector for Hadoop. Learn more about Teradata Unified Data Architecture.

Big Data Consulting
Expert implementation and customization services provided by Think Big Analytics helps organizations successfully implement big data initiatives to gain optimal business value, offers advanced implementation services and sophisticated integration of open-source technologies.  Learn more about Teradata’s Think Big.