• Teradata OLAP Connector

    Direct access to Teradata from Excel, Tableau, and arcplan

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    Teradata OLAP Connector provides self-service analytics for Excel, Tableau, and arcplan users by enabling them to access the corporate data stored in the Teradata Data Warehouse. This eliminates the inconsistencies and security concerns associated with the traditional approach of extracting and storing corporate data locally.

    Excel, Tableau, and arcplan users can now leverage the power, scalability, and parallelism of the Teradata database for more detailed analytics and self-service analytics contributes to your organization’s overall agility by empowering the business users to create their own analytics.

    Teradata OLAP Connector is installed on the user’s Windows computer similar to an ODBC driver and it supports Excel 2003 and later, Tableau 8.0.3 and later, and arcplan 7.1 or later.

    Also bundled is the DBA administrative tool, Teradata Schema Workbench, which models and defines PivotTables definitions and stores them in Teradata so they can be shared across all organizations providing they have the proper access rights.

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    Desktop-based BI solutions allow business users to extract data from the data warehouse for desktop analysis but this approach is challenging:

    • Creates spreadmarts all over the organization
    • Static view of the data of when it was extracted which leads to inconsistencies with the reporting
    • Limited data leads to limited analysis
    • Causes security challenges for leaving sensative data on the users's desktops
    • Data extractions scripts are difficult to maintain

    Deeper & Richer Analytics

    Teradata is built to host and analyze all of the business data and Business Intelligence tools are designed for reporting and performing complex analytics. When Teradata is combined with BI tools companies are able to design and build world class BI applications that leverage the deep and rich data stored in Teradata. BI tools also benefit from the high performance provided by Teradata leading to deeper and richer analytics.

    Use the Best Tool to Get the Job Done

    Teradata is the best analytical database engine and BI tools are rich in reporting and analytics features so why not combine the two to get the best of both worlds? Teradata works closely with BI vendors to ensure the BI tools are optimized and are well integrated with Teradata. Teradata also offers built-in features that automatically enhance all the BI solutions.

    Faster analytics & lower TCO

    BI solutions often rely on extracting a subset of data to build separate MOLAP data cubes for faster performance. This process opens the door to data inconsistency, lengthy data extractions, and data duplication. This in turn can lead to lost business opportunities due to the delay in data availability, as well as hidden costs that typically range in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Teradata offers built in automatics optimizations to eliminate the need to extract the data. Accessing data directly from the data warehouse eliminates data duplication and movement – and realize a dramatic reduction in costs, increased query performance, and freed-up resources that can be used to do more analytics and drive increased business value.

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