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    Public, private or hybrid cloud delivery models, we bring you the power of Teradata and the simplicity of cloud.

  • Power of Teradata with the Simplicity of Cloud

    Introducing Teradata Cloud – everything you expect from cloud computing including rapid provisioning, scalability as needed and pay-per-use pricing. Plus powerful Teradata technology and industry expertise. Choose from three straightforward "as-a-service" models to get started on your journey to the cloud.

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    The Power of Data-Driven Marketing Delivered in the Cloud

    Teradata’s cloud-based Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solutions include marketing operations, campaign management and digital messaging that together enable marketers to:

    • Collect and analyze data-driven insights more quickly.
    • Manage campaign and spend.
    • Design customer interactions centrally, whether digital, in-store or in a call center.
    • Continuously engage with customers in consistent, personalized ways.
    • Save time, money and valuable IT and Marketing resources.

    This end-to-end, cloud-based offering is a key component of a data-driven marketing strategy and provides marketers the ability to bring together data from across your organization, whether that data is hosted by your company or through Teradata’s secure, private cloud, to reveal valuable insights available in your customer data and take immediate action on those insights on a global scale.


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    Mitigate Risk and Meet Dynamic Business Needs

    Organizations wishing to mitigate risks associated with storing and analyzing sensitive data in public clouds are increasingly turning to private clouds — especially for data warehousing.


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    Another Flexible Teradata Database Deployment Option

    Teradata Virtual Machine Edition (VME) allows for fast, easy deployment within an organization’s enterprise VMware environment. Delivering a virtual SMP system with Teradata Database installed, Virtual Machine Edition is the right choice for advanced application development and prototyping.

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    Free Evaluation Version of Teradata. No Kidding!

    Teradata Express is a free developer version of the Teradata Database. It provides an opportunity to work with the Teradata Database for development, testing, evaluation and learning purposes.


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  • "Teradata’s best-in-breed analytic (cloud) environment…on a utility basis."

    Aldo Moreno

    Chief Technology Officer, ViSalus


    West Coast Retailer Competes with Cloud Based Analytics
    BevMo!, one of the largest wine, beer and spirits retailers in the country, recently optimized its extremely successful ClubBev! loyalty program using a Teradata hosted and managed solution. 

    The program captures and analyzes customer data in real-time, which allows BevMo! the ability to develop relevant offers and discounts for members through their channel of choice. More-engaged customers means more visits to BevMo! stores and a big boost to the bottom line.

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