Looking for data-driven business insights?

With the integrated Teradata Aster Discovery Platform, organizations attain unmatched competitive advantage by making it faster and easier for a wider group of users to generate powerful, high impact business insights from big data.

Products and Solutions

  • Aster Discovery Platform- powerful, high impact insights from big data through an integrated solution optimized for multiple analytics on all data with speed and minimal effort

  • Aster Database- accelerate time to insights with minimal resource outlays

  • Aster Discovery Portfolio- pre-built functions for a broad set of big data applications

  • Aster SQL-GR- a next-generation graph analytics engine that empowers Connection Analytics

  • Connection Analytics – uncover connections and influences between people, products and processes

  • Aster SNAP Framework™ for discovery- delivers integration and a unified SQL interface across multiple analytic engines and data sources

  • Aster SQL-MapReduce®- enables a variety of analytics best suited to these engines, such as SQL analysis, Path/Pattern Analysis, Statistical Analysis and Text Analysis.

  • Aster R- Break through memory and processing limitations by running R in the massively parallel and scalable Aster Discovery Platform

Teradata Workload Specific Platforms

Teradata Hardware Overview - The Teradata Platform Family, all running the Teradata Database, includes the Active Enterprise Data Warehouse, the Data Warehouse Appliance, the Data Mart Appliance, and the Integrated Big Data Platform. For multi-structured data discovery and data staging, we offer the Teradata Aster Big Analytics Appliance and the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop.

How to Get Started

Assess Your Organization’s Big Data Analytics Competency

Evaluate your organization's data discovery and big data analytics competency with the IDC Discovery Platform Assessment Tool.

Receive a customized report, based on your answers to a short questionnaire, with recommendations for moving up the maturity scale and becoming a data-driven business.

The assessment tool is designed to measure your organization's competency across the following four dimensions: people, process, data, and technology. See how your organization measures up!
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