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    Teradata Aster Analytics

    The Best Big Data Gateway for Analytics & Building Competitive Advantages.


The big data analytics solution engineered to claim competitive advantages for your organization.

The Teradata Aster Analytics is engineered for all new data types, offering integrated analytics and revolutionary ways of analyzing data. It’s the industry’s most transformative solution for turning big data insights into outstanding customer experiences, advancements in customer service and record-breaking marketing campaigns.

Why Choose Teradata Aster Analytics over Other Solutions?

Equip your business Team  with the best insights to move your business forward:
  • Deliver unprecedented omni-channel customer experiences across online and offline worlds.
  • Reduce customer attrition and improve customer satisfaction by understanding customer behavior and patterns.
  • Utilize machine and sensor data to create a knowledge base that can be game-changing.
  • Discover new markets, new products, new customer segments and outsmart the competition.
Benefit IT by reducing overall manpower burden with the right big data analytics solution:
  • Integrated big data analytics from a single solution offers the best business insights with the most efficient use of IT manpower
  • Seamless integration between structured and multi-structured data types enable faster insights and support a larger user base
  • Big data analytics with easy to use purpose-built apps, pre-built analytics, and integrated SQL interfaces deliver analytics into the hands of business users and analysts with less IT involvement

To Take Advantage of Today’s Data-Driven Opportunities, Use the Industry’s Most Advanced Big Data Analytics Solutions.

Teradata's Flagship Analytics
Make implementation and ongoing analytics efficient, while moving past limited traditional analytics with an agile Big Data Analytics solution. Uncover high impact customer and business insights from big data with the Teradata Aster Analytics. As part of your Teradata Aster Analytics solution, you will take advantage of Teradata Aster’s massively parallel database that can house limitless diverse data sources and support lightening fast analytics. Also within the Teradata Aster Analytics Solution and  integrated big data analytics capabilities,  allowing you to take advantage of the analytics companions to Teradata Aster’s Database – Aster’s patented technologies, Aster SNAP Framework™ and SQL-MapReduce®.
Learn More About Teradata Aster Analytics. 

Powerful Insights on Multi-Genre Analytics from One SQL Query
Raising the bar for big data analytics by enabling business users to uncover insights from all data is what businesses get when they leverage the Aster Analytics Portfolio. This revolutionary portfolio lets you easily perform multi-genre analytics such as Machine Learning, Text analytics, Path Analytics and Statistical Analysis on all data to deliver powerful insights by as simply as writing a single SQL statement.

The whole analytics process is highly iterative and only takes minutes versus weeks to months in other solutions. The portfolio includes four modules of pre-built Graph, SQL-MapReduce and SQL functions for each step of the Analytics process: Teradata Aster Data Acquisition Module, Teradata Aster Data Preparation Module, Teradata Aster Analytics Module, and Teradata Aster Visualization Module. These integrated out-of-the-box modules shorten the analytics process from weeks to mere minutes by streamlining preparation, analytics, and visualization. Learn more about Aster Analytics Portfolio.

Easy Analytics for Business and IT Users
Get a web-based solution with a simple point and click interface for building, deploying, sharing and consuming interactive big data apps from Aster AppCenter. The AppCenter enables self-service big data analytics and discovery for users throughout your organization— not just the technical experts.

AppCenter allows data scientists, business analysts and SQL users to embed their SQL-MapReduce™ and SQL-GR® scripts, prebuilt functions or analytic code into an app that can be parameterized and run repetitively, thus simplifying and accelerating the app building, configuring, running and sharing experience. AppCenter also allows non-SQL business users to directly access and modify allowed parameters for reuse. Learn more about Aster AppCenter.

Teradata Aster AppCenter


Lifting the Limitations of R
Give your R analyst the flexibility to combine R, R packages, and Aster Analytics – all in a single analytic workflow to tackle the most complex business challenges. Teradata Aster R provides Parallel library – prebuilt R functions that enable you to run your analysis in parallel against all your data. Get innovative business insights faster than ever when your analysts use their familiar R language, R tools and R interface to access high-speed, parallel analytics without the time it takes to learn SQL or other new languages.

Aster SQL-GR™ is a native graph processing engine for Graph Analysis that makes it easy to solve complex business problems such as social network/influencer analysis, fraud detection, supply chain management, network analysis and threat detection, and money laundering that are more impactful than simple graph navigation analysis. SQL-GR is based on the Bulk Synchronous Processing (BSP) model and uses massively iterative, distributed & parallel processing to solve complex graph problems. Learn more about Aster SQL-GR.

An Alternative Choice to the Flagship Analytics Platform: Ready-to-Run, All-In-One Appliance.
As an alternative to deploying a solution yourself, consider the turnkey Aster Big Data Analytics Appliance. Choose a powerful, ready-to-run solution that is pre-configured and optimized specifically for big data storage and analysis. This all-in-one appliance is a purpose-built, integrated hardware and software solution which includes Aster and Apache Hadoop.
Learn more about Aster Big Data Analytics Appliance. 

Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop
Teradata Aster Analytics on Hadoop bridges the chasm between the business analyst and data in Hadoop with multi-genre advanced analytics designed for the business user to uncover non-intuitive insights and answer complex business questions. With Teradata Aster on Hadoop, organizations can now implement an advanced analytics strategy on Hadoop that scales and is accessible to a broader user base.

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