Teradata Aster Express

Take the fast lane to Big Data Analytics & Discovery and experience firsthand the full power of Teradata Aster Discovery Platform. Register now and take us for a test drive.

Aster Express for VMware® Player

The Teradata Aster virtual image provides an evaluation version of the Aster Discovery platform that can be run on a PC and includes a fully functional Aster cluster that is an excellent solution for developers and testers or anyone who wants a hands-on introduction to the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform.


  • Integrated Discovery platform for analytics on big data
  • Patented SQL-MapReduce architecture that combines the usability of SQL with the power of MapReduce
  • Enables you to innovate and discover hidden insights with purpose-built functions for customer behavior analytics, marketing attribution analytics, social network analytics and much more

Register and receive:

  • Aster Express
  • Information on how to download and install
  • A complete list of simple Aster Express tutorials

Download Aster Express
Due to the large file size (2 GB) please allow some time for the download to be successfully completed. Download speeds vary based on your network infrastructure.