• Teradata Aster R

    Lifting the Limitations of R

    Break through memory and processing limitations of open source R

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  • Business Benefits

    Lifting the Limitations of R

    Experience faster performance and higher scalability from R thanks to the massively parallel processing (MPP) architecture.

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    Ease of Use and Productivity for R Users

    Get innovative business insights faster than ever when your analysts use their familiar R language, R tools and R interface to access high-speed, parallel analytics without the time it takes to learn SQL or other new languages.

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    Powerful Combination of R and Teradata Aster

    Give your R analyst the flexibility to combine R, R packages, and Aster Analytics – Multi-genre advanced analytics™ in a single analytic workflow to tackle the most complex business challenges.

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    Product Features

    Teradata Aster R Parallel Analytics

    Prebuilt R functions will run your analysis in parallel against all your data. No need to sample, partition or write parallel code.

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    Aster R Runners

    Now R analysts can create and run R scripts in parallel based on the split/apply/combine strategy by using the R “Apply” family of commands.

    Deploy your R models to business users

    Get your R models into the hands of your end users to drive business value. Aster App Center puts a web-based front-end to simplify your access to your R model.

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    Success Story

    Online movie provider drives a box office smash with Teradata Aster R

    A subscription-based online movie provider found themselves in peril. They desperately needed more analysis from their metadata about customer preferences in several critical areas – favorite genres, actors and directors, viewing histories, billing patterns, and satisfaction levels. However, memory bottlenecks blocked their view at every turn.

    When a bold analyst introduced Teradata Aster R, the plot thickened. Suddenly they gained easy access across Hadoop and Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse  through the Aster Analytics™ and Teradata QueryGrid™. With complete integration of customer viewing histories and behaviors and a consolidated view of millions of users at their fingertips, analysts clearly identified the paths that had led to subscription termination. The result: On-target insight for sound business decisions. Now that’s a happy ending!

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