Marketing Operations and Marketing Resource Management
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Marketing Operations & Marketing Resource Management

What would you do if you knew you could work faster, be more productive & make smarter, better informed decisions about all of your marketing programs?

Marketing Operations

Efficient project management and fiscal accountability are essential to successful marketing campaigns. Knowing the strengths and weaknesses of your available resources, appropriately allocating your people, equipment, time and funds, and being able to prove the value of each marketing activity can mean the difference between a budget cut or increase in the next fiscal cycle.

How efficient are your marketing operations? Are your communications and work plans streamlined for maximum impact? Do you really know how your marketing investments are performing? Do you feel confident with your marketing resource management processes? By connecting campaign results with internal operations and budget allocations, Teradata Marketing Operations can help you prove marketing works and meet some impressive goals:

  • Become fully accountable for your marketing spend
  • Report quantitative business results to your executive team
  • Allocate resources to further improve your highest-performing channels
  • Gain accurate, real-time insight into your marketing program with one global view
  • Minimize internal silos

All three aspects of Teradata Marketing Operations — Planning & Spend Manager, Workflow & Collaboration Manager and Marketing Asset Manager — are designed to help you coordinate and streamline processes, collaborate and align objectives, and manage resources to get the most from each activity.




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Agile Marketing is about aligning resources, reducing costs and improving efficiency through centralized management of people, processes and spend.

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Get on the path towards agile marketing with our cloud-based Marketing Operations solution, helping marketers manage people, processes and spend.

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