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Integrated Marketing Management

What would you do if you knew results of all of your marketing programs and were able to report on data across all channels, product lines, divisions and geographies?

Integrated Marketing Management

Get a birds-eye view of your total marketing program with the Teradata Integrated Marketing Management (IMM) solution. This comprehensive system allows you to consolidate every element of your program — including resource allocation and workflows, campaign financials and performance analytics, and even digital messaging templates — in a single solution.

Gain operational efficiencies and boost the impact of your company’s diverse marketing program with integrated solutions for Marketing Operations, Campaign Management, Digital Messaging and Customer Data Analytics. Specifically, Teradata IMM solutions can help you improve performance in these business areas:

  • Marketing Operations: Synchronize and optimize company resources for maximum efficiency by managing workflows and budgets automatically.
  • Campaign Management: Communicate the most relevant and timely messages to your target customers — in the format they respond to best — with campaign planning tools and performance-analysis software from Teradata.
  • Digital Messaging: Rest assured that you’re sending the right information at the right time to your most valuable prospects and customers. With real-time analytics, you can monitor campaign performance and adjust your strategy as needed to stay on point.
  • Marketing Analytics and Customer Data Management: Harness the power of your customer data to build persuasive marketing strategies that generate sales. Keep an eye on business-performance patterns, customer response triggers and program effectiveness to support strong business decisions at every turn.

By integrating the core elements of your marketing program instead of scattering resources across disjointed teams and initiatives, you can develop a cohesive communications strategy that stretches your assets, supports your entire business and resonates with target consumers. Keep your department well-funded and moving forward with reliable data that drives smart decisions and demonstrates the success of your marketing program.



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