• Teradata Analytical Ecosystem

    Flexible Approach to Diverse Analytics

    The most efficient, well-orchestrated data warehouse environment available

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  • Meeting your business needs

    Architecture flexibility to meet your business and technical needs

    Achieve the benefits of multiple systems, such as high availability to keep your mission critical applications running, optimized workloads across Teradata systems, and choice of workload specific platforms to meet specific price, performance, and scalability goals.

    Teradata Analytical Ecosystem White Paper

    End-to-end management of your data warehouse environment

    Have full control of your data warehouse. Tie all parts of your data warehouse environment together as an orchestrated solution, understand how events affect end users and applications, and take action based on events.

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    Complete & Proven Solution

    Teradata offers a choice of workload specific platforms designed to meet your application needs. With the same Teradata database on all platforms, data and application portability is transparent. Robust enabling products and implementation services help tie the entire ecosystem together.

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    Teradata Unity keeps multiple systems in harmony

    Teradata Unity is a powerful product that helps you create a synchronized and unified data warehouse environment. It routes users and queries, synchronizes databases, provides end-to-end monitoring of processes and data flows, and intelligently moves data between systems.

    The Enabler: Teradata Unity

    Teradata Platform Family for a perfect fit

    Teradata’s Workload Specific Platform family is designed from the ground-up to specifically support your business’ data warehousing and analytic needs. Choose from basic reporting and analysis to active data warehousing with full Active Enterprise Intelligence capability. Because each platform runs the same version of the Teradata database, you can start small while trusting that your best-in-class infrastructure will grow with you.

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    Teradata Database - Best in Breed

    The Teradata Database is the most advanced, yet easiest and TCO database on the market for data warehousing. Applications are completely portable across platforms, so there is no re-training required as the environment responds to your changing business needs.

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    Unity Director & Unity Loader

    Unity Director and Unity Loader are tightly integrated products that work together to transparently route users and queries to the appropriate system and intelligently apply data and database updates across systems.

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    Unity Data Mover

    Data transfers are quick and simple with Unity Data Mover. It’s intent-driven approach to data movement allows administrators to focus on what they want to accomplish rather than how to do it. Data Mover provides a friendly point-and-click interface as well as a powerful command line.

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    Unity Ecosystem Manager

    Simplify the management of your mission-critical environment with Unity Ecosystem Manager. It’s an event-driven, exception-based application designed to continually monitor and manage multiple Teradata ecosystems.

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  • "Teradata has products and services to help the customer deploy multiple analytic data platforms, each optimized for a different type of data or workload, while increasingly managing the whole as one integral environment.”

    Richard Winter

    President, WinterCorp


    Prospecting for Greater Insight

    Airlines Reporting Corporation (ARC) is an airline-owned company that has the unparalleled position of helping the travel industry not just manage and understand data but also capitalize on that data to be more competitive and improve relationships with customers.


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