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Not sure which membership is right for you? View our Membership Overview demo to help you choose. Also, you can test drive some of the great content available with the purchase of a membership, by sampling a Webcast or Web-based Training Course.

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This overview is intended to help you choose the Teradata Professional Network membership that best suits your training needs. The different membership levels available on the Teradata Education Network are described in depth. Topics include Teradata Professional Network (TPN) and Teradata Professional Network Plus (TPN+) membership highlights, membership comparisons, value and benefits, learning formats, job role curricula, Teradata Certification curricula and more.
Membership Overview

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Interested in taking web-based training? Curious what a webcast is like? To get a feel for the web-based training format, sample the first module of Introductionto the Teradata Database or Teradata SQL. You can even complete the exercises at the end of the module. Then, you can launch Teradata Terminology Deciphered or Teradata 14.0 Certification Exams– What’s New & How to Prepare to sample the webcast format.

Sample Web-based Training Courses

Introduction to the Teradata Database (First Module)
This course provides an overview of the Teradata Database architecture, as well as the features and benefits of the product. Teradata data distribution, access, storage and data protection methods are described. The suite of complementary load, access, and management utilities and tools are also covered, as well as Teradata Terminology.

Teradata SQL (First Module)
This course offers practical, hands-on experience with retrieving & manipulating data with Teradata Structured Query Language (SQL) using both ANSI standard conventions & Teradata extensions.

Sample Recorded Webcasts

Introduction to the Teradata Certified Professional Program
IT Certification is more important and relevant than ever. Sometimes getting started is the hardest part. We are here to help! Join the Teradata Certified Professional Program team for this lively and informative webinar to help you get started on your path to Teradata Certification. Which Certification level is right for you? What preparation materials are available and where can you find them? Do you need hands-on Teradata experience? How does your employer verify your Certification? We will cover these topics and much more. This webinar will give you the know-how to Pursue Teradata Certification with Confidence™.

Teradata 14.0 Certification Exams – What's New & How to Prepare  

Teradata 12.0 Certification Exams – What's New & How to Prepare

Ever wonder how you can maximize your exam preparation experience during the Teradata Certification process? These sessions will review the changes and updates for either the Teradata 12.0 or Teradata 14.0 Certification exams, and answer what you’ll need to prepare to have a successful certification experience.

Teradata Terminology Deciphered Webcast
If you are new to Teradata or would like to learn more about how it functions, this one-hour course is perfect for you. This informative, rudimentary introduction to Teradata Terminology covers: Hardware Platform Evolution, Communications Layers, Data Storage Terminology, Data Access Terminology and Data Protection.