Teradata Certified Professional Program

Teradata Certified Professional Program

Pursue Teradata Certification with Confidence

How to Prepare for Certification

Information provided on this page is designed to help you confidently pursue and achieve your Teradata Certification credentials. Quickly link to the latest information, authorized training, and study materials to help you prepare for Teradata Certification exams.

Webcasts, Podcasts, Quick Reference, Datasheet, Documentation

  • Webcasts: Learn how to maximize your exam preparation. View a free, one hour presentation (after clicking the link, scroll down to ”Sample Recorded Webcasts”)
    • “Introduction to the Teradata Certified Professional Program”.
    • “Teradata 14.0 Certification Exams – What’s New & How to Prepare”.    
  • Podcast: Matt Scicchitano, Certification Program Manager at Teradata, talks with Ron Powell, independent consultant/analyst and BeyeNETWORK expert, about the Teradata Certification Program. Matt explains the benefits of being certified in Teradata technology. (Recorded October 2013)

  • Quick Reference: The quick reference is designed to help you identify recommended training, experience, and required exams to achieve your Teradata Certification goal(s).
  • Datasheet: A colorful brochure filled with the latest details, flow charts, and information matrix is a great visual planning aid.
  • Documentation: Search and access Teradata installation, programming, operations and service guides, and reference manuals.

Training, Study Guides and Apps

  • Training: Recommended Teradata training is available in various formats for a variety of audiences.
    • Teradata Employees: visit the Teradata internal TCPP Connections site for more information on recommended training. (must be logged in to the Teradata network) 
    • Non-Teradata Employees: visit the Teradata Education Network (TEN) to choose your training path, browse classes, and download a Customer Education regional course catalog.
  • Study Guides: Supplement your Teradata training and expertise with authorized Teradata Certification Study Guides focused on key areas that support your certification goals. Purchase these popular guides in hard copy or as an iBook for your iPhone, iPad, or Android.

  • Free Teradata Certification App: The TCaPP App provides instant access to: program information, tutorials, Authorized Study Guides, practice question packs, exam registration and results from the convenience of your smartphone or tablet. Purchasing details for the interactive Masters App plug-in are also available (iPad only). Download the free TCaPP App.

Exam Topics, Practice Questions

Software Downloads

  • Software Downloads: are available through Teradata Developers Xchange to help you prepare through hands on application.

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