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Webinar: Deep Dive — The 5 Stages to Becoming Agile and Data-Driven


For every company on the road to becoming truly data and analytics-driven, “agility” is a keyword that comes up over and over again. And, the secret to becoming truly agile in your decision-making - to making data-driven decisions throughout your organization and seeing ahead of your competitors – is to transform your business into a Sentient Enterprise.

In an era of complexity and pace, this webinar will dive into a detailed and simple 5 stage roadmap that any business can follow to become truly sentient and agile in its decision-making – to make better and faster decisions than competitors. You will hear Rich Karlgaard of Forbes interview Oliver Ratzesberger and Mohan Sawhney, both of whom have several decades of combined big data analytics experience, to explore how they are helping global companies become sentient, and agile. Oliver and Mohan have compiled best practicesand experience to arrive at a maturity model that will shape the future of your business for years to come.

Listen to Oliver and Mohan as they share those insights and talk about:

  • A methodology & roadmap to evolve your business with data and analytics.
  • A detailed five stage approach with real-world examples:
    • An agile data warehouse that will become the platform, or foundation, for all future analytics and data management needs.
    • A behavioral data platform that moves analytics beyond simply looking at transactions to identifying the connections between people, processes and technologies to understand behavior.
    • The collaboration ideation platform to make analytics and data-driven insights more social and shareable within the organization.
    • A respite from static applications and ETL in favor of self-service apps and self-awareness through enterprise listening and operationalized analytics.
    • The autonomous decisioning platform that truly makes the business sentient, allowing machines to make operational decisions, freeing up humans to think more strategically and creatively about big business problems.

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    Oliver RatzesbergerRich Karlgaard
    Publisher and Columnist
    Forbes Media LLC


    Oliver RatzesbergerOliver Ratzesberger
    SVP Software
    Teradata Labs
    twitter: @ratzesberger


    Mohan SawhneyMohanbir Sawhney
    McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology
    Kellogg School of Management
    Northwestern University
    twitter: @MohanSawhney