• The Sentient Enterprise Webinar

Webinar: What's Next in Big Data?
The Sentient Enterprise.


This webinar is about business excellence that happens to focus on data as a way to achieve it. It’s not technology for its own sake; it’s about technology in service of your organization’s business goals and competitive advantage, in an era of complexity, speed of information and change.

The Sentient Enterprise is the result of deep collaboration between two well-known thought leaders in the big data and analytics space – Oliver Ratzesberger and Mohan Sawhney – with several decades of combined big data experience in helping global companies gain competitive advantage and drive business value from analytics.

In this Webinar, you will hear Rich Karlgaard of Forbes interview Oliver and Mohan as they explore:

  • The evolving needs of enterprise analytics to meet today’s fast-changing realities
  • A roadmap for aspirational executives and CXOs who want to leverage data analytics to transform their organizations
  • How the solution involves an evolutionary, multi-stage approach that blends:
    • Technology
    • Governance/access
    • Best practices from crowdsourcing, social media and other human engagement strategies

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Oliver RatzesbergerRich Karlgaard
Publisher and Columnist
Forbes Media LLC


Oliver RatzesbergerOliver Ratzesberger
SVP Software
Teradata Labs
twitter: @ratzesberger


Mohan SawhneyMohanbir Sawhney
McCormick Tribune Professor of Technology
Kellogg School of Management
Northwestern University
twitter: @MohanSawhney