Teradata Data Integration Roadmap for Retail

The Missing Link: Selecting business intelligence initiatives based on enterprise needs

Teradata has developed industry-specific Data Integration Roadmaps as reference models to support alignment of analytics to business strategy. These models provide a best-practice approach that leverages one of the most stable aspects of the business environment — the data — as represented by the integrated data model.

The Teradata Retail DIR is a visual reference model that shows you how you can support your strategic business values and decisions based on a foundation of integrated data. Combined with the Teradata Retail Data Model, it provides value by ensuring a business-driven perspective to data warehouse design and usage. This DIR forges linkage from the highest strategic levels of your company down to the basic business information as captured in day-to-day operational data.  

Features & Benefits

The Teradata Data Integration Roadmap model captures 30 years of Teradata best practices in designing and implementing data models and planning warehouses for companies like yours to help you:

  • Align your enterprise strategy with your data strategy
  • Model your enterprise business needs to find the best roadmap for data warehouse growth
  • Identify next steps in implementing a data warehouse
  • Show information and data needed to solve a specific business problem
  • Enhance interdepartmental communication and understanding
  • Reduce costs by effectively reusing data and knowledge


Primary Components

Major areas represented in the Teradata DIR model include:

  • Corporate Objectives and Strategy
  • Business Improvement Opportunities
  • Business Questions
  • Key Performance Indicators
  • Integrated Data Model
  • Specific Products and Services From Teradata That Support the Model

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