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Demand Chain Analytics

Analytics and Exception Management to Better Understand and Manage the Business

The Analytics application within our Demand Chain Management suite delivers automated analytics and actionable insights via dashboards and reports that highlight issues that require action with regard to forecasting and inventory health across the assortment and location network. Quick start your week with the detailed information you need to make a measurable difference in productivity across the products and locations that you manage.


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Analytics Key Capabilities

  • Analytics for all levels of the SKU-location hierarchy
  • Automated user defined alerts
  • Supports issue resolution of forecast, order and inventory accuracy metrics – including demand forecast error, actual and projected stock outs, lost sales, inventory coverage, overstocks and waste
  • Alerts based on user defined tolerance ranges, product type and velocity.  Drill down and across to support investigation
  • Extensive demand & supply chain data model
  • Extreme scale enables maximum granularity


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Analytics Benefits

  • Eliminate costly data gathering and validation exercises
  • Improved business user productivity and quicker decision making to increases sales and inventory productivity
  • Root cause analysis and resolution provides speed to value
  • One version of the truth for the entire company, versus multiple databases and reports with conflicting and inconsistent information
  • Can be deployed as part of Demand Chain Management suite or as a standalone application for companies wishing to extend the life of current forecasting and replenishment solutions
  • Robust data model allows for future development of analytic reports


thumb-active-edwBrochure: Demand Chain Analytics Solution — Challenges with stock-outs and excess inventory? Shelve them for good.


Demand Chain Analytics Demos

Address Lost Sales

Deliver actionable insights across the retail demand and supply chain.

Identify and Respond to Inaccurate Forecasts

Help to identify and respond to inaccurate forecasts.

Identify Opportunities to Reduce Unproductive Inventory

Help identify opportunities to reduce unproductive inventory.

Demand Chain Management Suite

Delivering Consumer Driven Forecasting and Fulfillment

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Accurately Predict Consumer Demand

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