Teradata Analytics Framework for Healthcare

Healthcare Companies Can Know More, Do More by Exploiting Big Data

White Paper: Put Data & Analytics to Work in the Era of Healthcare Reform


Gain a Competitive Edge While Improving Care

By effortlessly unlocking the potential within diverse data sources, Teradata empowers healthcare payers and providers to realize significant value; including: high quality, low cost care coordination, more precise consumer engagement to drive wellness and growth, integrated finance performance management and improved population health.

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When You Know More, You Can Do More
Data Driven Finance, Risk Management
Population Health Management
Value Based Reimbursement Analytics
Core Coordination Operations
mHealth Biometrics Analytics
Data Driven Consumer Engagement
When You
Know More,
You Can
Do More

Claims, Administrative, Operational, Product and Actuarial

Care Management, Electronic Health Records, Sensor

Sales and Marketing, Customer Service

Financial (ERP), Supply Chain

Patient/Member Interactions






The Analytics Advantage

Teradata helps companies unlock the potential of diverse customer and business data, so they can do more of what really matters, better and faster. New, innovative capabilities can impact areas throughout the enterprise.

Through these unique and powerful analytics, newfound knowledge can be applied in meaningful ways to deliver significant value in four primary areas.

Engage the Consumer

Sending timely and personalized communication using a member or patient-preferred channel can result in more cost-effective and impactful campaigns. Advanced analytics provide the ability to leverage insights to know when a clinical outreach or marketing campaign will affect behavior change and the most effective channel to utilize.

Improve Population Health

Population health management is a key to healthcare reform: defining the population; identifying care gaps and stratifying risks; directly engaging patients, managing care; and then measuring all those outcomes. Data-driven technology and automation make population health management more feasible, scalable and most importantly, sustainable.

Access and analyze information to be able to align reimbursement to outcome and meet meaningful use clinical quality measures. Collaboration between providers and the payer community is critical, which requires improved communication and coordination, resulting in fewer medical tests with less paperwork. Analytics also give providers the knowledge to understand the impact of their referral patterns to their patients/members, and the benefit impact. New Accountable Care Organization (ACO) and Patient Centered Medical Home (PCMH) models require insights and analytics to effectively manage consumer/patient populations.

Improve Care and Processes with Big Insights

New data sources coupled with predictive analytics can transform processes that advance patient care and improve patient/member experiences while minimizing cost. Benefits include: predicting consumer complaints; understanding root causes of longer lengths of stay; predicting path to purchase, predicting re-admissions; and predicting on-set of surgery or disease.

Integrate Finance and Performance Management

Incorporate general ledger data with clinical detail and business cost accounting data via one, central hub for accounting. The result is a better understanding of operational/departmental profitability segmented by patient/coverage type, as well as optimization of the supply chain to reduce inventory and improve performance.

Tap Into the Teradata Advantage

The Teradata Healthcare Analytics Framework enables Healthcare payers and providers to harness new analytical capabilities to reduce costs, improve customer engagement and incentives, better coordinate quality care, and support risk-finance transparency.

Teradata’s Healthcare next generation framework of capabilities are built upon the world’s leading analytic data platform ecosystem, marketing and analytic applications, data models, and consulting services. Our integrated solutions are engineered to analyze massive amounts of data, yet designed for everyday use by the broadest constituency of business users.

Do More – Faster, With Expert Guidance

Teradata Services includes best in class business consulting, technology and implementation, and customer support services that can be uniquely tailored to your business strategy, initiatives and best practices. Teradata experts can help your organization discover new insights by helping to unlock the hidden value of your data.

Industry Leading Data-Driven Applications

Teradata Applications help empower the world’s leading companies to create data-driven customer experiences, integrated insights with interactions and architect better customer experiences, help make organizations more agile, execute timely and targeted campaigns and centralize data management, enabling organizations to transform data into actionable insights.

Data Models

Teradata Data Models enables organizations to unleash their expertise and knowledge. Solution Modeling Building Blocks provide business friendly access to integrated data, while helping to accelerate access layer design with pre-built semantic data models and building blocks. Data Integration Roadmaps leverage industry expertise for identifying cross functional benefits of integrated data. Business focused Industry Data Models provide a customer proven blueprint for an integrated data platform by bringing together valuable business information that delivers a single, consistent view of customer activity and operational efficiency. Built on a Unified Modeling Framework that allows integration of common business processes across all industries.

Master Your Data Within a Single Architecture

Teradata Unified Data Architecture leverages the complementary value of best-in-class technologies from Teradata, Teradata Aster, and open source Apache™ Hadoop. It empowers every pre-approved decision-maker across your organization to ask any question, against any data, with any analytic, at any time. Fast and flexible deployment. Built upon open standards.