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Data-Driven Marketing & Multi-Channel Customer Engagement for Financial Services

Hundreds of Millions of customer banking interactions are occurring every day on the Web, mobile devices, social media, ATMs, and branch and call centers. This vast store of information must be constantly integrated and analyzed so you can deliver relevant real-time customer responses. If you don't - your competitors will.

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Rapid Pathing and Pattern Discovery

Outsmart your competitors! Discover hidden patterns lying deep within the billions of customer interactions for predictive insights into customer attrition or marketing attribution.

Unified Finance, Risk & Compliance

Use unified detailed enterprise views to pinpoint risk, manage funds, speed compliance fulfillment, and improve operations efficiency. Exploit this information to bring heightened transparency into your enterprise.

Impact of information overlaps

 Building a Finance, Risk and Compliance Information and Analytics Infrastructure

Regulatory Support

Maintain a singular unified data repository to ensure clean valuations, reduced reconciliations, and easier regulatory reporting. Aggregated detailed enterprise views of vast time-series data can drive data consistency throughout the trade life cycle.

The Road to Basel III: How Financial Institutions Can Meet New Data-Management Challenges  

Enterprise Risk Management

Integrate, manage, and analyze data to improve risk metrics, reporting, and fraud. Avoid failed audits, fines, and negative publicity.

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Finance and Performance Management

Lower costs and leverage ERP data for insightful analytics with an integrated financial data platform.

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Enhanced Investor and Better Channel Communications

Establish a two-way conversation with clients, whether they are advisors or institutions. Pursue marketing, messaging, and socializing with clients and prospects across channels in a measurable, effective, and profitable way.

Combining online and offline customer data sparks explosion of new business insights.  

Right Time Financial Guidance and Solutions

Discover what solutions, advisor activities, and channels are the most relevant or detrimental to your clients' expectations, goals, and profitability.

Solutions for Wealth Managers to Turn Today’s Complex Market in Their Favor.

Advanced Research & Investment Time to Market

Unearth insights from internal, “dark data,” and external information for new investment ideas that can be executed quickly to improve returns and strategies. 

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Cohesive Trade Data Repository

Build a single source data infrastructure for accurate, granular and timely trade, operations and position data versus continued use of data averages from splintered source systems. Firms can develop a singular unified front- to back-office trade data repository to reduce reconciliation costs and ease regulatory mandates. Investment firms can also build a singular investment book of record (IBOR) and trade sub-ledger.  


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