Customized Offers for Inbound Customers

Provide truly 1:1 offer experiences with less work and more customer data than ever before.

Every Digital Media & E-Commerce leader knows that customized offers remain a proven way to increase conversion, if it can be done in a cost-effective way. Gartner reports have shown that offering customized inbound solutions = 10x the returns vs. non-customized offers. Some tools have been introduced that make it a little easier, but typically, Digital Marketing teams find themselves facing these challenges...

  • Online offers presented are based on a general marketing calendar, rather than being geared to the specific site visitor
  • Ownership of customer offers is often in conflict between Corporate and E-Marketing channels
  • Promise of 1:1 marketing has yet to be truly fulfilled
  • Too much marketing team labor consumed trying to work out complicated rules to present specific offers
  • Rules (if any customization exists) typically have been based only on click-through patterns
  • Rules do not take into account vast amount of data companies collect about customers
  • Tools are too difficult to use

A recent study from Adobe indicated this: when Digital Marketers were asked the criteria upon which product or content recommendations are based on their sites, 38% said that they employ no recommendation tool or process.

This represents a huge opportunity for you—if you can discover the secret of displaying customized offers.

There is a better way to create customized offers.

Aprimo Real-Time Interaction Manager

This unique tool, offered by Aprimo (a division of Teradata Corporation), is the simplest way to organize, manage, and measure the effectiveness of customized offers for inbound customers. It utilizes multiple existing touchpoint applications to display messages which are unique to that visitor.

From a business user perspective, ARTIM allows easy control of your messaging with simple user interfaces:


  • Stakeholder Definition
  • Predictive Analytics
  • Arbitration
  • Message Classes


  • Message Strategies
  • Business Objectives
  • Messages
  • Channels


  • Response Analysis
  • User Analysis
  • Predictive Analytics