Cross Channel Insights: A 360° View of your Online Customers

Aren’t my current digital analytics enough?

Digital Media & E-Commerce executives are swimming in metrics and dashboards. That's how most of us have grown up managing and optimizing our online properties. But it isn't enough.

  • Channels reported separately
  • No customer historical activities across the business
  • Can’t provide insight into “who is my customer and what drives them to act?”
  • Rarely provide targeted conversion opportunity insight
  • Incredibly labor-intensive to monitor manually
  • Not predictive, beyond simple on-site pathing volume

There is a better way.

The key is capturing and harnessing 'Big Data' for Digital Marketing executives.

  • Click-stream path data both from your site and other pre- and post-visit sites
  • Social Media Postings & Customer Input
  • Customer Interaction Records:
  • Customer-initiated contacts
  • Company-initiated marketing touch
  • Customer Responses by campaign
  • Machine-generated touch data
  • Social Network Influence data

Data which is most likely too messy, too big, and too disconnected to be used today—much is probably being thrown out.

What if you could easily track and report every interaction a customer has with you, regardless of channel, in time series, over the customer's lifetime and then analyze patterns across hundreds/millions of customers?

  • Identify most profitable investment areas
  • Run complex, activity-based costing to save enormous $$$
  • Execute in "right time" to intercept and treat root causes
  • Create deeply personalized, remarkable web experiences & real-time offers across conversion points
  • Automate marketing processes and simplify cross-channel measurements
  • Move to true 1:1 E-Marketing
  • Lower volume/cost campaigns
  • More specific messaging
  • Vastly higher return on marketing investment
  • Create more accurate predictive models and encourage experimentation

It is possible...

...with a Digital Marketing Optimization and Integrated Marketing Management solution from Teradata.

We are the leaders in capturing, storing, and harnessing this kind of invaluable data, and providing the analytics and campaign management tools to make data your most powerful digital marketing asset. Let us show you how.

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