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We’ve Seen the Future of Data in the Digital Entertainment Age – and It’s Big

The pace of change in today’s Media and Entertainment industry continues to accelerate – with the landscape looking dramatically different than it did just a few years ago. With shrinking windows for home entertainment and VOD, and an explosion of content distribution channels across an array of platforms and devices, M&E companies are in unchartered waters.

Today’s digital entertainment landscape offers the promise of endless content monetization channels, maximized licensing opportunities, and growing direct-to-consumer businesses - all the while protecting legacy businesses – if you have the right tools.

New Landscape, New Vision

Imagine being able to deepen your audience relationships, boost your marketing effectiveness across all channels, and get a granular view of audience behaviors and content performance.

With the help of Teradata technologies, Media & Entertainment companies across the content value chain – from creation through distribution – are taking control of new channels, business models and audience relationships by establishing an analytics framework that maximizes the competitive advantage available when you unlock the insights in your data.


What would you do if you knew:

What is the best windowing strategy for my new release across all regions and channels?

  • How should I allocate my marketing spend across all channels?
  • What is the best bundle for Pay TV networks?
  • How can I boost ratings and optimize my programming line-up?
  • How can I fully monetize my catalog?