Campaign Attribution/Media Mix Scoring

Who gets the credit for an online sale? Where do you allocate precious digital marketing dollars?


Is this your situation?

  • Each E-Marketing Channel being goaled, measured, and funded separately
  • Usually decided by gut or previous year’s channel performance
  • One channel’s gains often cancel out another’s losses; OVERALL site performance not necessarily increasing
  • Spend tracked in multiple, complex spreadsheets (“6-screen problem”)

So, who should get more marketing funding next year? Can you justify why?

Digital Marketers face two HUGE problems:

  • It is impossible to understand customers by the last click. They are more than just conversions.
  • It’s impossible to manage your channel spend and marketing mix. There are too many blind-spots.

You wouldn’t build a football team with eleven receivers just because the last touchdown came on a pass…

It’s time to move beyond “last click” to Teradata Digital Marketing Attribution

  • Assign revenue credit to channels & campaigns
  • Plan an optimum marketing mix for future campaigns
  • Decide on investments for marketing programs

In short, attribution is nothing less than the foundation of optimized marketing performance.

Historically, too expensive, complex and out of reach of E-Marketers.

Example: Detect Ad Effectiveness in Real-Time

What if you could drive analytics against ad placement, ad tags, campaign or other characteristics in real-time to optimize ROI?

Curious? Learn the secrets of next-generation campaign attribution.