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Teradata Business Continuity Solutions include Recovery Center Access

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The unexpected loss of a Teradata system could mean more than just lost revenues. Companies that rely on Teradata need to protect themselves from loss of business reputation, decreased customer retention, lost business intelligence, reduced employee morale, productivity issues, or legal entanglements.

Three Steps to Determine Your Best Disaster Recovery Solution

1) quantify business impact of losing access to business critical data currently located on Teradata systems

2) determine how much time can you allocate to recovering your data. Would it be weeks, days or hours?
This period of time is referred to as Recovery Time Objective (RTO)

3) decide on the appropriate disaster recovery solution for your organization

Three Available Teradata Disaster Recovery Solutions

1) Post-Disaster Recovery Planning (RTO of Weeks)

Post-disaster implies ordering a replacement system after the disaster occurs. We recommend disaster recovery planning to expedite the process and ensure all data will be recovered.

2) Shared Resources for Disaster Recovery (RTO of Days)

Shared Resources includes using Teradata resources at the Teradata Recovery Center, or using customer resources to recover on an in-house disaster recovery system. For customers performing their own DR we recommend an In-house DR Consulting engagement to ensure the Teradata recovery steps are identified, planned, and tested.

3) Dual Systems for Data and System Loss Prevention (RTO of Hours)

Dual Systems requires a second production system with the same critical data on both systems. This option is appropriate for organizations that have a requirement for high availability, with performance continuity and recoverability as secondary.

“What keeps me up at night is not being down for minutes, its being down for days.” It was estimated that after 21 days, 58% of their revenue would be lost because their distribution centers would be unable to replenish the stores with the correct product. (CIO of a large retailer.)

What's New

Teradata Business Continuity Solution in the Cloud

Teradata Customer Services is championing Business Continuity Solutions in the Cloud. Teradata BCS implementations for the cloud address three specific areas for on premise production systems: Data Availability, Recoverability and Availability.

  • Data Availability may use data replication over a network to the Teradata Recovery Center for a secondary copy of critical data.
  • Recoverability for disaster recovery with a recovery time objective (RTO) of 48-72 hours will use the Teradata Recovery Center.
  • Availability will use the Teradata Cloud with data synchronization over a network to a secondary system with critical data.

The Teradata Recovery Center now offers data replication to transfer data from a customer production Backup Archive Restore (BAR) environment (NetBackup/Data Domain) to a dedicated BAR environment in the Recovery Center. As part of the annual fee Teradata will provide the BAR servers and Data Domain. The customer is responsible for upgrading the production environment to support the data replication, and for providing the network for data transfer. This offer is an alternative to providing offsite tape.

The Recovery Center provides an Enterprise class recovery system that matches production release levels and is ready for data restoration. The recovery system may include any Teradata certified release levels and may include any customer specific hardening or encryption. The customer focuses on data and user access to restore business critical functions. Teradata Recovery Specialist assist with all required tasks to ensure the recovery system matches the production environment prior to user access. An annual test will validate the recovery process.

For additional information contact Mike Mota, Senior Business Continuity Partner.

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