Teradata Analytics for SAP Plant Maintenance (PM) for the Oil and Gas Industry

Time: 0:56:28

This web seminar focuses on Teradata Analytics for SAP solution specifically targeting the Oil & Gas sub-vertical. The ability to proactively gauge the performance of your well equipment, as well as sustain a safe operating environment requires equipment to be efficiently maintained. Integrating SAP data with Non-SAP will enables this effort by providing faster interventions, decreasing Non-Productive Time (NPT), improving safety and increasing the efficiency of wells. Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions Plant Maintenance (PM) accelerates the integration of SAP and non-SAP data by utilizing prebuilt data solutions, methodologies, tools, and technology. Implementing Teradata Analytics for SAP® Solutions (PM) enables customers to transform their ERP data from a deluge of inflexible data marts into an effective business asset that provides better optimization of Operational Assets.

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