Deploying Agile Analytics for Business Innovation

Time: 1:2:25

Success in today’s competitive marketplace requires the agility to quickly test new theories and ideas that drive innovation, exploit market opportunities, and respond to competitive pressures. Companies must extend their analytic practice so they can get the right analytics to the right people at the right time. That means adding vital flexibility for exploring new, unrefined data and experimenting with emerging theories – without extended planning periods.

Bill Franks, Teradata Chief Analytics Officer discusses emerging trends, leading practices, and innovations in creating agile analytic environments to accelerate business insights. Brad Donovan from GlaxoSmithKline and Rob Dissington from Symantec share how they leveraged Teradata® Data Lab for analytic innovation across their analytic ecosystem. They explore how their data lab environments helped them realize the following benefits:

• Shortened analytic development cycles
• Self-service enablement for business users
• Improved efficiencies resulting from consolidated disparate analytic environments

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