Digital Marketing Center: A Complete Hub for True Individualised Marketing

Digital Marketing Center: A Complete Hub for True Individualised Marketing

Today, marketing increasingly shifts from traditional methods of customer interaction towards digital technologies. Marketers face a situation where the effect of TV and printed ads drastically declines. An effective interaction with customers is only possible by engaging them via digital channels. At the same time, marketing departments are challenged by the fact that a huge amount of customer data is scattered over various sources. The lack of ties between them makes the use of such data difficult or even impossible. As a result, the decisions based on incomplete data cannot be worthy of trust. Finally, no marketing will be successful, if its results cannot be assessed. The results of marketing must be readily measurable, and must contribute to achieving strategic goals.

According to research results (like eMarketer digital reports 2014), another important trend is that customers start to prefer cross-channel communication via SMS, emails, social communities, etc. to single-channel brand interaction and direct mails. The task of the marketing is not only to present an offer to the customer, but also to involve him/her into a mutually advantageous dialog, to strengthen the existing relations and to boost positive brand experience.


Today, the customer becomes more fastidious about not only the quality of products and services, but also the speed of response to his/her needs and wishes. Furthermore, the customer expects the brand's response to meet his/her needs. Customers expect the brand to know who they are, what their needs are, what an individualised offer should be, and how to distinguish the customers who access the brand via any channel available.

To what extent do you know your customers? Not just the wide audience for mass mailing or a common customers segment, but each of on the them individually?

Are you able to state that you:

Have a multifaceted view of the customer and a general concept of customer interaction? 

Plan and optimise the customer's path?

Deliver individualised content through every channel to any device?

Measure the impact on your business?


Only through available data and new management tools can you communicate with customers in a personified and individualised manner via all channels.

All of the above and many other things are achieved through using Teradata Digital Marketing Center that enables companies to:  

  • accurately target and deliver integrated multi-channel digital electronic messages to customers; 
  • respond to their growing needs by using a scalable cloud solution that includes everything they need for digital marketing communication; 
  • immediately have feedback from automated campaigns; 
  • analyse and measure campaigns in real time – down to a single message level ­– by marketing specialists with no technical knowledge; 
  • use powerful means of data integration to create individualised content and to deliver messages to customers via the most appropriate channel - email, mobile, social, web. 


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