• Teradata RainStor®

    Online Data Archiving Opens the Door to Historic Intelligence

    RainStor Makes SQL retrieval of highly-compressed enterprise-wide data archives easy and fully accessible

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  • Teradata RainStor is a pioneer in enterprise data archiving on Apache™ Hadoop®. It is a SQL retrievable, highly compressed enterprise-wide data archive.  It retains massive amounts of data from various sources in the most efficient, scalable and accessible manner, including data from the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse (IDW). With RainStor, organizations no longer need to keep extraneous data in their relational database, store it on tapes, move it to an ungoverned Hadoop data lake, or just delete the data because of lack of storage.

    An Enterprise-Wide Archive Solution on Hadoop

    While RainStor can be implemented on several platforms, many customers may want their enterprise archive to be implemented on Hadoop. When deployed on Hadoop, RainStor sits natively on the Hadoop cluster and runs as an application that provides a number of benefits to the Hadoop environment, including: security, data governance, improved loading and query performance, ANSI SQL support and access to the data  from open source projects such as  Apache Hive™, Apache Pig and Apache HCatalog. RainStor can run on the Teradata Appliance for Hadoop or commodity Hadoop.

    Online Data Archiving with SQL Accessibility, Data Immutability and Compliance

    There are a number of business problems that RainStor addresses through customer’s new requirements for data archiving. For starters, archived data is online and able to be queried indefinitely, as if it were still in the database. In addition, RainStor provides fast SQL access to the data and the archive technology compresses the data allowing significant savings on storage expense. In order to satisfy audits, RainStor’s archived data is immutable, it cannot be changed. And, since regulations drive much of the data storage requirements, the RainStor archive allows organizations to fully comply with governmental and industry rules.

    Deep Integration with the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse

    Teradata® QueryGrid™ for RainStor seamlessly integrates your Teradata IDW and RainStor archived data. Teradata IDW users can reference tables in RainStor through QueryGrid. Users no longer have to engage in multi-step processes when they want to analyze both current and historic data. This new capability provides one-directional data connectivity, exposing RainStor tables into Teradata.  Advanced integration sharply reduces the amount of data to be processed on the Teradata side and enhances data access controls.

    Teradata RainStor® FastConnect™ is a fast bi-directional data transfer connector between the Teradata IDW and Teradata RainStor. FastConnect is designed to operate at network speed thereby drastically reducing data load times. This connector is typically used by customers to create an online data archive by offloading history from the Teradata IDW thereby giving business users continuous access to that historical data set.

    Customers with robust Teradata solutions may have many years of Teradata archives in various database versions. Teradata RainStor® FastForward™ technology can easily convert Teradata BAR tape data into RainStor online data.

    New RainStor Solutions: Deploy the right offer based on your archiving needs

    RainStor System Archive.  An enterprise archive solution with data governance, lineage, and auditing capabilities that stores the data in the most efficient, scalable & secure manner while maintaining full access to the data via QueryGrid.

    RainStor Online Archive.  Builds on System Archive features; data is accessible via standard SQL through the RainStor Query engine or Hive & Pig if deployed on Hadoop.

    RainStor Regulatory Archive.  The Regulatory Archive application provides the features of the Online Archive solution with added compliance capabilities. This solution is a perfect fit for highly regulated data (PCI-DSS, HIPPA, SEC).

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