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Presto - A Powerful SQL Engine for Hadoop and More!

Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine designed for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes.  Through a single query, Presto allows you to access data where it lives, including in Hadoop, Apache Cassandra™, relational databases such as MySQL and PostgreSQL or even proprietary data stores.  Presto was created by Facebook for the analytics needs of data-driven organizations.

Presto is a perfect fit with the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™, an integrated analytical ecosystem for our enterprise customers. Presto enables companies to leverage standard ANSI SQL to execute interactive queries against Hadoop data. With Presto’s integration into Teradata’s QueryGrid architecture customers can execute queries that originate in Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse that join data within the IDW and Hadoop leveraging Presto.

Despite being a powerful SQL engine, Presto initial adoption had largely been limited to well-staffed, highly innovative organizations with extensive big data engineering expertise. All the new enterprise capabilities Teradata brings to Presto are and will be open source contributions for the benefit of the big data community.

BlogWebinar: Horton and Teradata Best Fit Engineering SQL on Hadoop that covers Hive and Presto – technology, usage and roadmap.

What Does Teradata Bring To The Table?

Teradata has a dedicated team of over 20 developers contributing open source code to Presto and making a multi-year commitment to increase adoption in the enterprise. Through this commitment Teradata is adding critical features in the areas of software installation, improved monitoring & management, YARN integration, security, support for ODBC/JDBC drivers, ecosystem integration and BI tools certifications. In addition to these software contributions, Teradata is also improving Presto's documentation and creating easy-to-follow QuickStart guides.


"A special shout out goes to Teradata — which joined the Presto community this year with a focus on enhancing enterprise features and providing support — for having seven of our top 10 external contributors."
— Facebook


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First Ever Enterprise Support and Professional Services for Presto

Similar to the early days of Hadoop, world-class customer support and professional services behind Presto will drive greater enterprise adoption. Teradata is pioneering commercial support for Presto by becoming the first commercial vendor to support Presto.

Specialized Presto professional services from Think Big, a Teradata Company, offers:

  • Piloting new functionality with Presto Jumpstart
  • Customized Presto training
  • Design and development services for Presto

Teradata’s Certified Release of Presto 127t

With Presto 127t, you get all the benefits of Presto with the peace of mind that Teradata stands behind it, ready to support you.

With Teradata-certified Presto 127t, you will receive:

A stable release tested and verified by over 300 additional Teradata-developed end-to-end system tests
Pre-built RPM allowing for easy installation
Presto is available as either a self-contained sandbox VM or packaged for easy installation, all of our certified releases include:

  • Presto Quick Start Guide
  • Presto Documentation
  • Presto Admin: Tool to install and manage Presto
  • Presto CLI: Presto SQL prompt for executing queries via command line
  • Presto Software: This is the core Presto database software
  • Presto Enterprise Class ODBC Driver: Allows you to access Presto from ODBC based clients and business intelligence tools that communicate via ODBC





Download one of our self-contained virtual sandboxes or deploy Presto on your Hadoop cluster, and you’ll be up and running in no time

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Presto for Cloudera CDH

Download Presto Sandbox  

(Presto 127t in a Sandbox VM with
Cloudera Enterprise)

Download Presto  

(Presto 127t for Cloudera Enterprise 5.x)

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Presto for Hortonworks HDP

Download Presto Sandbox  

(Presto 127t in a Sandbox VM with HDP)

Download Presto  

(Presto 127t for HDP 2.x)


Are you interested in world class enterprise support or services for Presto? Contact us now at presto@teradata.com

Additional Presto Documentation, Information and News

Overview & Informational Videos

  • Facebook video at Presto meet up –  this video gives insight into Facebook’s implementation, use of Presto against multiple data repositories as well as an explanation of why they use Presto vs other technologies.
  • Presto Overview Video – This quick 5 minute video will provide an overview of the open source Presto SQL on Hadoop query engine. The video highlights its functionality and architecture of Presto as well as the Teradata contribution to the Presto roadmap.

Blog & Media Coverage

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