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Presto + Teradata = Peace of Mind

Experience the intersection of market leading scale, interactive performance, and community driven open source. With Presto 115t, you get all the benefits of Presto with the peace of mind that Teradata stands behind it, ready to support you.

With Teradata-certified Presto 115t, you will receive:

  • A stable release tested and verified by over 300 additional Teradata-developed end-to-end system tests
  • Pre-built RPM allowing for easy installation

Presto is available as either a self-contained sandbox VM or packaged for easy installation, all of our certified releases include:

  • Presto Quick Start Guide
  • Presto Documentation
  • Presto Admin: Tool to install and manage Presto
  • Presto CLI: Presto SQL prompt for executing queries via command line
  • Presto Software: This is the core Presto database software
  • Presto JDBC Driver: Allows you to access Presto from Java-based programs or business intelligence tools that communicate via JDBC

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Download one of our self-contained virtual sandboxes or deploy Presto on your Hadoop cluster, and you’ll be up and running in no time

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Presto for Cloudera CDH

Download Presto Sandbox  

(Presto 115t in a Sandbox VM with
Cloudera Enterprise)

Download Presto  

(Presto 115t for Cloudera Enterprise 5.x)

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Presto for Hortonworks HDP

Download Presto Sandbox  

(Presto 115t in a Sandbox VM with HDP)

Download Presto  

(Presto 115t for HDP 2.x)