March 20, 2014 | WASHINGTON, D.C.

Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services Innovate with SAS and Teradata for Data Analysis

Data analyst: Teradata has ‘one of the fastest databases known to mankind’ for accelerating superior SAS® Analytics
Teradata Corp. (NYSE: TDC), the analytic data platforms, applications and services company, announced today that Rick Andrews, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), Office of the Actuary, will lead a session at the 2014 SAS Global Forum Executive Conference, the world’s largest gathering of senior SAS users. The event is attended by 3,000 business and IT users of SAS software and solutions. His presentation is titled “How SAS® and Teradata® Dramatically Improve Data Analysis at CMS.”

The session is scheduled for Tuesday, March 25, from 2 to 2:50 p.m. in Chesapeake H-I. He has been a programmer-analyst for 20 years in roles including senior data analyst, engineering analyst, systems designer, team leader and mentor.
“SAS offers advanced analytics, while Teradata has one of the fastest databases known to mankind,” said Andrews. “The Office of the Actuary at CMS uses the optimized SAS and Teradata techniques to more quickly perform many important tasks such as setting Medicare Advantage rates for providers, forecasting the cost of closing the Part-D ‘doughnut hole,’ and estimating the future cost of healthcare in America. The major advantage from the Teradata platform is the speed at which data can be summarized as compared to legacy systems (billions of rows of data can be summarized with Teradata in seconds where it once took days) and the Teradata platform’s enabling of the SAS system to immediately analyze data with incredible performance.”
The SAS Global Forum will feature many dynamic presentations by leading organizations, IT analysts and academic researchers across all global industries. Teradata is a platinum sponsor of the Forum and visitors can stop by Booth #26 to speak with experts and learn more.

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