SQLstream empowers people, services, and machines to take the next right action, continuously and in real time. SQLstream has designed its streaming analytics platform to enable anyone to create real-time applications from raw data in minutes, that deliver streaming data ingestion, streaming analytics, and live actions, enabling enterprises to deliver a better customer experience, increase revenue, improve operational efficiency, and eliminate fraud.

Since 2016, SQLstream Blaze is powering Amazon Kinesis Analytics. SQLstream is based in San Francisco, California.


Benefits of Partnership

The integration of the Teradata and SQLstream Blaze enables organizations to analyze their data in motion and data at rest in an integrated analytics and data management architecture. The solution is unique in being entirely ANSI SQL standards-compliant, supporting continuous SQL analytics over the arriving data streams, with real-time, continuous ETL updates of the Teradata Database.

For the customer, an integrated stored/streaming analytics platform translates into: (1) better strategic decision making through real-time updates of the data driving their business reporting, (2) improved operational efficiency through real-time insights into their business operations and the ability to automate actions and updates, and (3) the ability to generate new revenue streams by extended existing applications for real-time access and performance.

SQLstream Blaze

SQLstream Blaze is enterprise-grade data stream management software that enables organizations to integrate and analyze their machine data streams, cloud and enterprise data on a single real-time platform. Blaze is built on an ANSI SQL-compliant data stream processing engine, with graphical tools that enable our customers to build new real-time applications in minutes without programming.

Quick Facts

VersionTeradata Version(s)
4.1TD 15.10
TD 15.0
TD 14.10

Product Resources

SQLStream Blaze Product Documentation
SQLstream Blaze product documentation is published online (sqlstream.com/docs), and includes installation and getting started guides, integration and developer guides, as well as the streaming SQL reference guide.
SQLstream Blaze - Product Overview
StreamLab provides interactive data stream discovery and a graphical HTML5 browser interface on top of Blaze, allowing anyone to build live streaming applications in minutes. Live data is formatted and analyzed in real-time using hints-based guided exploration and graphical tools, with output streams connected directly to the data storage platforms as well as the real-time dashboards.
Case study: Streaming Integration for live 9-1-1 responses
ECaTS, a Cloud-based 9-1-1 Data Analytics and Management Information System, partnered with SQLstream to deliver ECaTS Dashboard, a streaming analytics cloud solution that can now capture, filter and analyze all emergency calls in California, and use the results to identify anomalies in 9-1-1 call patterns in real time.
Storm vs. Blaze Performance Benchmark
A performance benchmark and ROI analysis between SQLstream Blaze and Apache Storm carried out by a leading equipment vendor in the 4G/LTE telecoms sector. SQLstream Blaze demonstrated a significant ROI advantage over Apache Storm through vastly better throughput performance, significantly less hardware and faster time to implementation with SQL.
Case study: Streaming Analytics for Telecom (Veracity)
Real-time analysis of voice and IP Call Detail Records (CDRs) drives optimization of the customer experience, minimizes call fraud, improves service quality and network performance, and enables Communication Service Providers (CSPs) to drive new real-time revenue streams.
Case study: Streaming Analytics for real-time traffic management
Reducing traffic congestion and delivering better information to commuters is an on-going challenge for the transportation industry. This case study discusses how streaming analytics can be harnessed to deliver real-time operational traffic intelligence from streaming sensor and GPS data.
Streaming Integration: connectors and adapters
SQLstream Blaze can work with any data source (raw streams and historical data), in any format (unstructured and structured), to any destination (feeds, messages, databases) through a wide range of connectors and adapters built for streaming ingestion and analytics.