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Part of the Magnitude Software family of brands, Kalido enables customers to rapidly deliver better data for decision-making through business-model-driven automation in data warehousing and master data management. Kalido software has been deployed at more than 300 locations in over 100 countries. For more information please visit our brand site at

Magnitude Software

Benefits of Partnership

Kalido's Data Warehouse Automation solution enables customers to deploy and maintain a data warehouse much faster than traditional methods. Automation, agility and speed are the hallmarks of our technology.

We offer a top-down, requirements-driven business information modeling solution, coupled with significant automation in all phases of data warehouse design, development and deployment, that enables customers to go-live in as little as 90 days.

The Kalido Information Engine running on Teradata is designed to give customers the flexibility and agility of Kalido coupled with the scale and performance of Teradata. Kalido delivers significant automation capabilities and simplifies ease of deployment for organizations that need to effectively address global information management requirements. Additionally, with Kalido's integrated master data management capability, customers can deploy a fully governed data warehouse.


Kalido Information Engine

With the Kalido Information Engine, you can rapidly develop and deploy a high quality data foundation for analytics in 90 days or less. The Kalido Information Engine allows you to quickly model critical business scenarios and automates much of the data warehouse development, such as physical schema management, data load, exception management and BI configuration.

Quick Facts

VersionTeradata Version(s)
9.1TD 14.10
TD 13.10
9.0TD 13.10
TD 13.0
TD 12.0
8.5 SP3TD 13.10
TD 13.0
TD 12.0

Product Resources

The Kalido Information Engine and Teradata
Data sheet describing the Kalido Information Engine and the value it brings to a Teradata warehouse.
Teradata and Kalido Accelerate for Agile DW
Data sheet for the Teradata and Kalido Accelerate for Agile Data Warehouse offering targeted at the mid-market.