For nearly two decades, Teradata and IBM have been partnering to provide best-of-breed data management and analytics solutions that deliver maximum value.

Your ability to glean the most relevant and timely insights from the massive amounts of data at your disposal requires a technology ecosystem built with best-in-class components by industry leaders who collaborate in your best interest. That is why Teradata and IBM have been partnering to provide more than 500 customer worldwide, across industries best-of-breed data management and analytics solution that deliver maximum value.


Benefits of Partnership

Click your way through this brochure to gain a comprehensive understanding of how, together, Teradata and IBM are helping hundreds of companies around the world manage their data and analytics challenges.

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Teradata and IBM Business Anayltics

IBM Cognos offers a full range of BI capabilities that, combined with the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse (IDW) and Aster Discovery Platform, deliver analytics to everyone who needs them. SPSS further empowers Teradata IDW users with the ability to analyze trends, patterns and relationships in data, apply those insights to predict future events and act to achieve desired outcomes.


Teradata and IBM Information Integration and Governance

The IBM portfolio of information integration and governance solutions provide a full range of options for rapidly and reliably integrating disparate data across the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™, managing its quality, and securing and protecting it through its lifecycle.


Teradata and Oracle Enterprise Performance Management

By integrating their technologies, Teradata and Oracle have partnered to offer organizations the unparalleled ability to track complex progress metrics and make swift and precise business decisions. With a platform of integrated enterprise data and performance management and business intelligence (BI) tools, this partnership improves companies' abilities to make smart decisions.


Teradata and Oracle Data Integrator

Oracle Data Integrator for Teradata enables you to bypass expensive and proprietary ETL engines. Instead, you’ll use Teradata’s engine and other high-performance utilities to complete your data transformations, thereby delivering better performance at a fraction of the cost.

Quick Facts

Version 12.1.3.X:  TD 15.10, TD 15.0, TD 14.10, TD 14.0, TD 13.10

Version 12.1.2.X:  TD 15.0, TD 14.10, TD 14.0, TD 13.10

Version  TD 15.0, TD 14.10, TD 14.0, TD 13.10

Teradata Cloud

Version 12.1.X:  TD 14.10, AD 6.10

Product Resources

Oracle Data Integrator for the Teradata Environment
Description: Oracle® Data Integrator works in concert with the Teradata Unified Data Architecture,™ an integrated solution leveraging the complementary capabilities of Teradata, Teradata Aster,® and open source Hadoop. 

These technologies’ joint capabilities provide the competitive edge associated with a single view delivered through alignment of the appropriate technology to the specific analytic need.


Teradata and Oracle GoldenGate

Oracle GoldenGate offers capture, routing, transformation, and delivery of changed data with only sub-second latency across heterogeneous environments, including replicating data to Teradata as a target. Oracle GoldenGate provides benefits to Teradata customers by decreasing latency of data acquisition even when moving very large data volumes, eliminating batch windows.

Quick Facts

Version 12.1.2.X: TD 15.10, TD 15.0, TD 14.10, TD 14.0

Version 11.2.1.X: TD 15.0, TD 14.10, TD 14.0, TD 13.10

Version 11.1.1.X: TD 14.10, TD 14.0, TD 13.10


Oracle Version   Teradata Version
12.1.2.XTD 15.10
TD 15.0
TD 14.10
TD 14.0
11.2.1.XTD 15.0
TD 14.10
TD 14.0
11.1.1.XTD 14.10
TD 14.0

Product Resources

Teradata and Oracle GoldenGate
This datasheet describes the benefits of Teradata and GoldenGate for enterprise data synchronization.

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