erwin® Modeling provides a collaborative data modeling environment to manage enterprise data. With erwin, both business and technical stakeholders can have a common view of information in context, through both a web-based portal and desktop-based design tools supported by an enterprise-class model repository.


Benefits of Partnership

erwin is a Silver Software Partner with Teradata Corporation. erwin works closely with Teradata for research and development and product integration to ensure that our offerings meet the highest caliber required to support enterprise-wide best practices in the industry. erwin® Data Modeler supports robust forward and reverse engineering of the Teradata Database in support of high-volume data warehousing applications.

Teradata has selected erwin Data Modeler for their industry data models, providing customers with a set of modeling best practices to support their enterprise information management initiatives.

erwin Data Modeler

An industry-leading data modeling solution that enables you to create and maintain databases, data warehouses and enterprise data models – helping you to better moderate data complexities, effectively manage database technologies and properly align your information infrastructure with the business it supports.

Quick Facts

Version Teradata Version(s)
9.64 TD 15.10
TD 15.0
9.6 TD 15.0
9.5 TD 14.0

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