Diyotta is the leading modern data integration company, helping companies turn Massively Parallel Processing (MPP), Hadoop and NoSQL platforms into powerful information hubs. We accelerate time to value for new investments in big data platforms and for ongoing data warehouse modernizations. With Diyotta, companies fully leverage their existing platform investments, move to modern data platforms with the highest level of reuse possible, and can quickly respond to business needs for new data and analytics. Diyotta’s Modern Data Integration (MDI) Suite provides extensive portability among traditional and modern data platforms, maintains enterprise grade data standards, and takes away the complexity of all data movement and transformations across complex data environments.


Benefits of Partnership

Diyotta’s MDI Suite orchestrates and automates the movement and integration of data by utilizing the processing power of Teradata’s MPP platform. By fully utilizing the MPP power of Teradata, Diyotta’s MDI Suite helps organizations:
  • Reduce costs by eliminating need to create or maintain custom code with the MDI Suite’s automated code generation 
  • Faster availability of information by reducing data latency from hours to minutes using the MDI Suite to orchestrate data movement and better leverage Teradata’s native in-the-box database processing 
  • Provide 100% SQL pushdown and metadata management using native in-the-box database processing.
  • Increase productivity by providing developers with an intuitive, graphical, metadata-driven user interface for designing reusable dataflows 
  • Gain comprehensive data lineage with the MDI Suite’s ability to capture the metadata as data moves or transforms between sources and Teradata

Diyotta Data Integration Suite

An innovative and revolutionary ELT platform purpose-built to leverage MPP Data Warehouse appliances. The DI Suite consists of 5 major modules (Studio, Metaview, Administrator, Scheduler and Monitor) to support the design, management, execution, and administration of data integration across your enterprise. The unique metadata management features track data lineage end to end for impact analysis

Quick Facts

Version Teradata Version(s)
3.7 TD 15.0
TD 14.0
2.5 TD 14.10

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