Big Text: Gaining Value from Unstructured Data with Text Analytics

Did you know that Data-Driven Businesses consistently outperform the competition in profitability and productivity? Translated into financial terms, this means millions of dollars in additional revenue, cost savings and above-average shareholder returns. These organizations are doing so by using analytic techniques like text and sentiment analysis on traditional and big data sources like call center transcripts and logs, email, social media, surveys, sensors and machine logs to discover rich & powerful insights, and take action. The text data in these sources is full of valuable data about customers.

Join us as Seth Grimes, leading industry analyst covering text & sentiment analytics, and Mark Turner, Sr. Data Scientist at Teradata, share how organizations are using text and sentiment analysis to discover game-changing insights from multi-structured data to deliver outstanding customer experiences, customer service, improve data quality, and launch new products and services.

Together, they will discuss:

  • The importance of text analytics to discover rich and powerful insights
  • How enterprises can now run analytics on the largest sets of data with in-database analytics and a SQL interface
  • Integration of text with other analytic techniques such as time series (path) and association analysis
  • Real-world customer examples of text analytics techniques used across industries like manufacturing, healthcare, entertainment and financial services