Next Generation Digital Marketing Webinar Series


This webinar series is designed to help senior digital marketing and e-commerce executives and supporting IT managers use analytics to drive marketing ROI. Embrace the explosion of data and move from “best-guess marketing” to truly data-driven decision-making. How to Use Real-Time Analytics to Master Your Marketing How to Use Real-Time Analytics to Master Your MarketingOnline shoppers are becoming more aware of marketers’ ability to see what they are doing on a site. In turn, they expect marketers to respond with offers and incentives based on these activities, as they occur.  

This webinar will leave you with insightful takeaways including:

  • How to communicate with your customers in real time
  • Developing “triggers” to lift revenue and allow for more meaningful customer interactions
  • Discovering specific product recommendations using analytics and propensity modeling 

Syncing your data warehouse with sales and marketing to unlock hidden revenue channels


Previous Webinars in the Series

Webinar: Machinima Network: 1 in 191 Million – Using Data to Power Marketing, Drive Relationships and Extend Reach

Nanea Reeves, Chief Operating Officer of Machinima – the largest entertainment network on YouTube and a highly successful digital marketing organization – discusses how online marketers can leverage audience analytics to increase market share and drive success, increased engagement and ROI.



Nanea-ReevesNanea Reeves, Machinima
Reeves is Chief Operating Officer of Machnima, the dominant video entertainment network for gamers worldwide. A digital veteran, Reeves has held senior executive positions at gaming titans Gaikai (now owned by Sony), Electronic Arts, and JAMDAT, among others.

Webinar: LinkedIn—Right Time, Right Place, Right Message

Hear how Simon Zhang, Director of Business Analytics at LinkedIn, the leading social network for professionals and a highly successful digital marketer, shares insights from his company’s data-driven campaigns and uses deep analytics to drive solid marketing ROI. 


Featured Presenter:
Simon-ZhangSimon Zhang, LinkedIn
Zhang is Director of Business Analytics at LinkedIn. His team helps product, marketing, operations and global sales teams work more effectively by leveraging unique LinkedIn data and insights. He has led analytics teams in several other companies, including eBay.