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Businesses showcase how they leverage the power of SAS® and Teradata - 9/30/2011

Sessions at Teradata PARTNERS conference feature business and technology benefits of database analytics

Contact: Mike O’Sullivan, Teradata Corporation
Telephone: 937-242-4786

Contact: Shannon Heath, SAS
Telephone: 919-531-2676

SAN DIEGO, California — Multiple in-depth sessions at the Oct. 2-6 Teradata PARTNERS User Group Conference will feature insights on the SAS and Teradata partnership, including joint customers sharing specific case studies.

"The significant presence of well-known companies reaping the rewards of database-driven analytics from SAS and Teradata clearly reflects a broad enthusiasm across our customer community," said Rob Berman, Vice President of Teradata Partnerships and Alliances. "The first of these sessions on Sunday will kick off with a live demonstration of SAS applications running on Teradata that illustrates how an in-database approach enables users – modelers, scientists, analysts – to work more efficiently and with optimal freedom and control of their analytic environment."

"The Teradata PARTNERS sessions underscore the many ways that SAS Analytics running in Teradata environments is driving innovation and business benefit," said Paul Kent,SAS Vice President, Platform Research and Development. "Sessions will focus on a broad range of insight, from helping users make the transition from traditional SAS programming to a massively parallel processing Teradata platform approach more easily to increasing customer revenue growth, loyalty and retention. Each offers attendees the opportunity to get an up-close-and-personal view of how SAS and Teradata transform analytic and business practices today."

A full listing of the educational sessions, which will focus on the value of the SAS and Teradata partnership, are available online at the PARTNERS website in the Session Catalog, and include:

  • Implementing a Data Mining Solution with SAS® and Teradata at
    Angela Watson, Divisional Merchandise Manager,

    Ms. Watson will discuss the benefits that were achieved by implementing SAS Analytics with Teradata at In addition, she will lay out Overstock’s phased approach from initial model development and knowledge transfer to business process change and review the significant performance and productivity improvements that were realized.
  • Patterns, Trends and Anomalies – Identifying, Mitigating and Preventing Fraud at ARC
    Becky Briggs, Director, Office of Strategy Management, Airline Reporting Corporation
    As one of the proxies for risk and fraud management in the travel industry, ARC will share how to stay agile, nimble and ahead of the fraudsters. Using Teradata, SAS and SQL – combined with data mining, statistical analysis, data trending, behavioral analysis and embedded fraud risk management models in their daily data processes, ARC has reduced the impact of fraud in the US travel industry.
  • Driving Business Value from HSBC's Information Strategy
    Sharon Allsop Kenney, Senior Manager, Business Intelligence Competency Centre, HSBC
    HSBC believes that Business Intelligence and a deep understanding of data can drive spectacular results. The mission of HSBC's Business Intelligence Competency Centre (BICC) is to address these challenges, acting as the catalyst to enable the creation of business value. The BICC has been successful working with existing users of the data warehouse to drive millions of dollars of benefit, for example through the BI optimization program. This session will provide details of how the BICC’s approach to internal stakeholder management and external partners such as Teradata and SAS, made these business benefits possible.
  • Being Prepared for High Demand in the Massive Scoring Process of Consumers at Serasa Experian
    Roberto Ângelo Fernandes Santos, Data Intelligence Manager, Serasa Experian
    Eder de Abreu Alves, Senior Consultant, Serasa Experian

    Faced with growing demand to process multiple types of high complexity statistic models (credit, collection, fraud and marketing – and to score those models in near-real time for their over 180 million Brazilian consumers – Serasa Experian needed a solution to increase their response times while reducing costs. By partnering with Teradata, Serasa improved their massive scoring processing and also achieved excellent results in both response time and integration with SAS – while also capitalizing on current vigorous economic growth by offering additional new credit products.
  • Teradata for the SAS® Programmer (from the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services)
    Richard Andrews, Senior Technical Developer, Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
    Jignesh Miyani, Senior Consultant, Teradata Corporation
    This session will discuss how SAS programming techniques can be imitated within the Teradata 12 environment and will help users make an easier transition from traditional SAS programming to a Massively Parallel Processing (MPP) Teradata platform.

Other joint SAS and Teradata sessions are being led by partnership specialists and guests covering a variety of topic areas, including big data and analytics, SAS High-Performance Analytics with Teradata, Tips and Techniques for SAS and Teradata Integration and Development, and more.

Relevant news topics for more insight: 

  • Earlier this year, Teradata and SAS announced the formation of a Product Advisory Council (PAC), a customer forum that drives in-depth discussions with SAS and Teradata executives and thought leaders to provide insight to members on the partnership’s in-database direction.
  • Teradata and SAS just announced that leading financial groups like National Australia Bank, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Japan’s Oita Bank and Korea’s Hana Financial Group use solutions from SAS and Teradata to help accurately analyze customer behavior trends and manage risk and fraud.
  • YouTube video: Get Started in Big Analytics! Teradata Tells How!View Video 
  • YouTube video featuring Claudia Imhoff, President of Intelligent Solutions Inc., discusses the benefits of the SAS and Teradata partnership. View Video 
  • YouTube video featuring analyst Rick Andrews with the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid on the speed of SAS Analytics running on the Teradata platform. View Video 

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