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Teradata and Cloudera Welcome Companies to the New Parallel Universe - 9/15/2010

Inquiring minds can now route unstructured data from any source into advanced analytical engines for new dimensions of useful insight

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SAN DIEGOTeradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, today announced a partnership with Cloudera, the leading provider of Hadoop-based data management software and services. The partnership will produce a connecting pipeline that will enable Teradata customers to use Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) to funnel unstructured data collected from many online sources into a Teradata data warehouse, where it can be converted to more detailed analytical insight. Users can better integrate and “query” larger data pools than ever before to yield a broader scope of useful information from both structured and unstructured data sources.

Parallel processing frameworks, such as Hadoop, have a natural affinity to parallel data warehouses, such as the powerful Teradata analytical database engine. Although designed for very different types of data exploration, together the two approaches can be more valuable in mining massive amounts of data from a broad spectrum of sources. Companies deploying both parallel technologies are inventing new applications, discovering new opportunities, and can realize a competitive advantage, according to an expert in very large data solutions.

“Teradata customers are using Apache Hadoop as a method of processing primarily high volumes of unstructured data,” said Scott Gnau, chief development officer, Teradata. “It wasn't long before my phone rang and those customers wanted to integrate these new insights into their data warehouses. Teradata Labs has been working on this, and our efforts led us to Cloudera.”

Hadoop is a parallel processing framework for running programs written in Java, C, Python, and other popular languages. Its primary usage has been to sift through log files on thousands of web servers to extract data for reporting purposes. However, there are many other uses for Hadoop including use as a data collection and transformation engine, image recognition and analysis, text analysis, social network analysis, and large scale data movement.

“Our customers leverage Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop to sift through oceans of unstructured data in parallel. By integrating with the Teradata Database, those results can now be connected to customer profiles, financial metrics, and operational insights, further extending the 360 degree view of the business,” said Mike Olson, chief executive officer, Cloudera.

Teradata is working jointly with Cloudera and common customers to build a two-way exchange of data between Hadoop and the data warehouse. “Cloudera is involved in many of these projects,” Gnau added. “This led to our partnership to build the Teradata Hadoop Connector for CDH.”

“User interest in the analysis of complex data has never been higher and many enterprises want a strategy that incorporates data management technologies such as Hadoop and scalable data warehousing,” said Richard Winter, President of Winter Corporation, a consultancy that specializes in very large data solutions. “The integration of Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop (CDH) and Teradata supports a parallel, two-way equal exchange of information. This is the kind of foundation many companies will seek in building their next competitive advantage.”

The Teradata Hadoop Connector will be bundled with Cloudera Enterprise and is available at no additional cost. Cloudera will offer commercial support for the Teradata Hadoop Connector as part of the Cloudera Enterprise subscription. In addition, Teradata and Cloudera will engage in joint marketing activities such as webinars, co-authored collateral, and customer educational events. Teradata's statement of direction is to further integrate with additional projects included in CDH, such as Hive and other popular open source technologies.

About Cloudera

Cloudera ( is a leading provider of Hadoop-based software and services and works with customers in financial services, web, telecommunications, government and others industries. The company’s products, Cloudera Enterprise and Cloudera’s Distribution for Hadoop, help organizations profit from all of their information. Cloudera's Distribution for Hadoop is the most comprehensive Apache Hadoop-based platform in the industry. Cloudera Enterprise is the most cost-effective way to perform large-scale data storage and analysis and includes the tools, platform and support necessary to use Hadoop in a production environment. Cloudera provides professional services, technical support and training to help any business use the software created by Google, Facebook and Yahoo. Founded by pioneers in large-scale data and home of the original Apache Hadoop creator, Cloudera is a private company backed by venture investors Accel Partners and Greylock Partners with headquarters in Palo Alto, California.

About Teradata

Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC) is the world’s largest company solely focused on raising intelligence and achieving enterprise agility through its database software, enterprise data warehousing, data warehouse appliances, consulting, and enterprise analytics. Visit Teradata on the web at

Teradata is a trademark or registered trademark of Teradata Corporation in the United States and other countries.

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