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State of Ohio Agency Selects Teradata to Uncover Potential Millions in Unreported Tax Revenue - 6/4/2009

State agencies have collectively recovered more than a billion dollars in tax revenue using powerful Teradata analytical database systems

Contact: Mike O’Sullivan,Teradata Corporation
Telephone: (937) 242-4786

MIAMISBURG, Ohio — Teradata Corporation (NYSE: TDC), the world’s largest company solely focused on data warehousing and enterprise analytics, announced today that the State of Ohio Department of Taxation (ODT) has selected a Teradata Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to assist the ODT in its tax discovery efforts. The system will provide access to and compile data from a variety of sources and will run complex information discovery programs against these sources of data, looking for non-compliant taxpayers and other revenue bottlenecks. The new system will be implemented in phases beginning this month.

ODT’s existing database tools were built internally rather than by data warehousing specialists, and the decision to choose the industry-leading Teradata system was driven by the knowledge that it could reap far more economic rewards for Ohio. "What Teradata is going to bring to us is how to mine the data better, and more efficiently," said Vaughn Lombardo, Ohio tax discovery administrator.

In the midst of a historic fiscal crisis for state governments, six states, led by the State of Texas, have used Teradata databases to collectively recover more than one billion dollars in under-reported and unreported tax revenue.

Most recently, the State of Missouri Department of Revenue (Missouri DOR) reported that it has recovered $60 million – and counting – in four years of use. Prior to implementing an enterprise data warehouse from Teradata, the Missouri DOR had over 25 tax databases that were not communicating with each other. As a result, the Missouri DOR had to run a number of large manual paper reports and saw an opportunity to effectively identify more underreported revenue.

After implementing a Teradata system, the Missouri DOR recovered the $60 million in revenue with $2.2 million coming in one 14 day period. The current environment at the Missouri DOR uses the powerful Teradata database and Teradata Professional Services consultants to perform data mining and pattern detection.

More states are turning to powerful data warehousing computer systems, which can analyze detailed data from many different database sources – and cross-match information to identify delinquent taxes that might have gone unnoticed. These systems compare millions of tax collection records within minutes and detect opportunities and patterns which have led to discovery of huge revenues owed but not paid. In particular, the data warehouses have been effective in identifying out-of-state companies that are doing business in a state but not paying taxes due. The payoffs have been eye-opening.

"The nation's economic crisis is taking state budgets down with it and states are looking for ways to compensate for their revenue wells drying up," said Steve Taylor, Teradata’s Director of Business Development for Revenue and Compliance. "We are excited that the State of Ohio has selected Teradata, with world headquarters in the Dayton, Ohio area, to provide a system like those used by hundreds of our customers across the world to drive economic success by leveraging the power of the detailed intelligence assets they already own."

"Teradata is recognized as the global leader in data warehousing, and the annual Teradata PARTNERS conference registration list reads like a list of who’s who in global business," said Taylor. "This year’s event will be held in Washington D.C., which is significant, as Teradata is gaining dramatic momentum, use, and interest among government organizations."

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