Yousaf Mirza

Senior Analytics Consultant, Teradata Australia/New Zealand
Yousaf Mirza is the Senior Analytics Consultant at Teradata Australia/New Zealand. Yousaf has experience in the field of Advanced Analytics and Big Data. Recently he has been involved in Big Data projects using Aster Data. Yousaf has the urge to understand data and get insights for better and informed decision making. His primary focus is on data analysis and analytical models. Yousaf has worked on multiple projects building analytical datasets, building data layers and predictive, behaviour segmentation models for commercial use. Yousaf has been driving the analytical domain and creating valuable insights to assist and create customer acquisition, retention and loyalty strategies and activities with business teams. Yousaf has a Masters in Data Mining and Machine Learning and an Honours degree in Computer Science. He has keen interest in data mining applications for business and tools and techniques of advanced analytics.