Tatiana Bokareva

Data Scientist Teradata Advanced Analytics Australia and New Zealand
Tatiana Bokareva is a Data Scientist for Teradata Aster, the market leader in big data analytics. Tatiana is a member of the Teradata Advanced Analytics team in Australia and New Zealand.

At Teradata, Tatiana is responsible for data mining, analytics and ultra-fast analysis of unstructured, semi structured data using Teradata Aster advance analytics platform.

Tatiana has a Bachelor degree with Honours and PhD in Computer Science from the University of New South Wales. Tatiana was runner up for the Dean Postgraduate Research Award in Information and Communication sector. She was awarded the prestigious Women in Engineering Scholarship. Tatiana, publishes extensively and present at many international conferences. During her PhD she was trained at NICTA (National ICT Australia).

Tatiana’s PhD was in the area of the Internet of Things (IoT), namely her work evolves around building self-reliant, self-healing, fault tolerant sensor networks. She also held part time research appointments at the university.