Ross Farrelly

Ross Farrelly

Chief Data Scientist, Australia & New Zealand, Teradata Corporation


Ross Farrelly is the Chief Data Scientist for Teradata Aster, the market leader in big data analytics, and ultra-fast analysis of unstructured, semi structured and multi-structured data.

At Teradata Aster, Ross is responsible for data mining, analytics and advanced modeling projects using the Teradata Aster platform. Previously Ross ran Datamilk, an independent bespoke data mining consultancy specialising in data mining and advanced predictive analytics.  Ross is a six sigma black belt and has had many years of experience in a variety of statistical roles including Business Development Management at Minitab and as a SAS Analyst at New Frontier Publishing.

Ross has a Master of Applied Statistics and a first class honors degree in Pure Mathematics.  He has a keen interest in a number of data mining techniques especially social network analysis and random forests.

In his free time Ross regularly competes on Kaggle, an online forum where data scientists match their skills against their global peers including experts in statistics, mathematics, and machine learning.   Ross is also an active member of the Sydney users of R Forum (SURF).