Clement Fredembach

Data Scientist with Teradata Australia and New Zealand Advance Analytics Group
Clement Fredembach is a data scientist with Teradata  Australia and New Zealand Advance Analytics group. With a background in Color Science, Computational Photography and Computer Vision, Clement has designed and build perceptual statistical experiments and models for the past 10 years.

Clement strives to combine his psychometric, perceptual and statistical knowledge to deliver insights and their story that are understandable and actionable to non-technical audiences. 

Prior to joining Teradata, Clement collaborated with several Fortune 500 and academic institutions as a researcher, publishing and patenting large portions of of his research along the way.

Clement holds an MSc in Communication Systems from EPFL (Switzerland) on Image Classification and a PhD from UEA (UK) on Computational Imaging. His interests range from behavioral psychology to graph theory and photography.