Bhavani Raskutti

Domain Lead for Advanced Analytics, Australia & New Zealand, Teradata Corporation

Bhavani joined the ANZ Teradata Advanced Analytics team in 2014 and is responsible for identifying and developing analytics opportunities using Teradata Aster and Teradata’s analytics partner solutions.

She is internationally recognised as a data mining thought leader and is regularly invited to present at international conferences on Mining Big Data. She is passionate about transforming businesses to make better decisions using their data capital.

Bhavani has over 20 years’ experience in advanced analytics research and development as well as application deployment in diverse industries such as telecommunications, banking, retail and bio-informatics.

Bhavani’s work on innovative data analysis techniques within the Telstra Research Laboratories resulted in four text mining patents and 40+ peer-reviewed international publications. Bhavani’s accolades include being winner of the 2002 Knowledge Discovery & Data Mining (KDD) cup which is the premier international data mining competition pre-Kaggle.