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  • A Powerful SQL Engine for Hadoop and Beyond

    Presto is an open source distributed SQL query engine designed for running interactive analytic queries against data sources of all sizes.  Through a single query, Presto allows you to access data where it lives, including in Apache Hive™, Apache Cassandra™, relational databases or even proprietary data stores.  Presto was created by Facebook for the analytics needs of extremely large data-driven organizations.

    Presto is a perfect fit with the Teradata Unified Data Architecture™, an integrated analytical ecosystem for our enterprise customers. Presto provides advanced SQL capabilities when queries are executed outside of the Teradata Integrated Data Warehouse or the Teradata Aster Discovery Platform.

    Despite being a powerful SQL engine, Presto has largely been limited to well-staffed, highly innovative organizations with extensive big data engineering expertise. All the new enterprise capabilities Teradata brings to Presto are and will be open source contributions for the benefit of the big data community.

    What Does Teradata Bring To The Table?

    Teradata is contributing open source code to Presto and making a multi-year commitment to increase adoption in the enterprise. Through this commitment Teradata is adding critical features in the areas of software installation, improved monitoring & management, YARN integration, security, support for ODBC/JDBC drivers, ecosystem integration and BI tools certifications. In addition to these software contributions, Teradata is also improving Presto’s documentation and creating easy-to-follow QuickStart guides.

    First Ever Enterprise Support and Professional Services for Presto

    Similar to the early days of Hadoop, world class customer support and professional services behind Presto will drive greater enterprise adoption. Teradata is pioneering commercial support for Presto by becoming the first commercial vendor to support Presto.

    Think Big, a Teradata Company, is now offering specialized Presto professional services, including:

    • Piloting new functionality with Presto Jumpstart
    • Customized Presto training
    • Design and development services for Presto

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