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Buckle up for the Brave New World of Retail

Meet our Digital Retail Experts at Digital Summit Booth #643

Bill Franks
Chief Analytics Officer, Teradata

Jack McCush
Senior Data Scientist, Teradata

Leslie Dinham
Senior Digital Retail Consultant, Teradata


Buckle up for the brave new world of retail, where the Web and physical retail worlds continue to rapidly converge, meaning retailers must embrace and enable a wider and wider range of connected customer capabilities across the enterprise. Market-leading retailers know the new normal also requires a combination of knowledge, innovation, speed and strategy to improve real-time decision making and grow market share.

Our digital retail experts help you identify business improvement opportunities to drive value and maximize return on analytics investments:

  • Digital Strategies
  • On-Site Search
  • Personalization
  • Sentiment Analytics
  • Path to Purchase

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Stop By Our
Booth #643

Meet with our digital retail, rapid insights, and analytics experts, to discuss challenges you may be facing right now. Our experts can help you identify digital strategies to better reach connected customers and maximize return on analytics investments.

Meet Our Experts

Talk with Teradata experts at booth #643: Chief Analytics Officer Bill Franks, Senior Retail Data Scientist Jack McCush, and Senior Digital Retail Consultant Leslie Dinham.

Rapid Insights for Retail

Leading digital retailers know the new normal in retail—where the web and physical retail worlds converge—requires knowledge, innovation, speed and strategy to improve real-time decision making. Teradata can help you deliver the right insights at the right time to meet the challenges of the new retail normal.

On-Site Search

On-site search can have a dramatic impact on the overall online customer experience and resulting conversion rates. Teradata’s on-site search solution is unique, using new advanced analytic techniques to make a retailer’s existing search engine “smarter.”

Connected Customer Digital Operations

A retailer’s digital presence is often the first touchpoint with a customer, creating a critical first impression. Teradata can show you how to use more of your customer data to better operationalize insights and deliver a relevant, convenient, digital experience for your connected customers.

Connected Customer Personalized Interactions

From online and in-store to mobile, email, and social media, retailers must be able to optimize individualized interactions to engage their always-connected customers. Teradata can show you how to do just that by applying advanced analytics techniques and predictive models.