• Digital Media  & E-Commerce

    Making the return on your web site investments skyrocket by revealing the hidden data about your visitors.

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  • Cross-Channel Customer Insights and Search Marketing Terms Efficiency

    360-degree view of individual customer characteristics, coming from multiple new sources: social media, sensors in products, web site, customer purchase and phone interaction data. Also understanding what key terms are being used for Search (on-site and off-site), and in what combinations. Read More

    Marketing Campaign Attribution/Media Mix Scoring

    Mechanisms for PR & Ad Messaging attribution, placement, prominence, reach, etc., tracking ad spend vs. ‘eyeballs’, to provide guidance on spend across channels so you can maximize conversion. Read More

    Social Media Influence and ROI

    Controlling the message/being involved in the conversation, monitoring the conversation, knowing who is most likely to influence to gain ROI from Social Media and Voice of the Customer efforts. Read More

    Customized offers for Inbound Customers

    Incorporating all inbound channel data to present truly personalized offers. Read More

    Customer Intent Pathing Insight and Web Interface - Golden Path Improvement 

    How are people getting to your site, including what patterns are associated with customer purchase/up-sell/cross-sell intent. Once they get to your site, on-site pathing analysis to target site experience enhancements for maximum conversion increases. Read More

    Real-Time Analytics, integrated with Call/Chat Center

    Utilizing online data as it occurs, both automatically impacting session activity, and enabling your call/chat reps to make immediate impacts to increase customer satisfaction.

    Customer Purchase Accuracy 

    Increasing the accuracy of research, selection and ordering for both existing and new customers.

    Mobile Site Enhancement

    Enhancing your Teradata module to include mobile technology usage.

    Digital Media and E-Commerce IT Data Infrastructure Flexibility

    Using data to predict usage so infrastructure can support existing apps and provide scope for scalability and expansion.

    Identifying Dangerous IP Addresses

    One of the top needs facing IT leaders over web sites, enabling fraud and BOT detection on-site.

    Hadoop Implementation and Integration

    Where and how to best take advantage of this open-source data storage technology.

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